October Calendar Draw

October Calendar Draw

October celebrates far scarier beings than ghouls and goblins: National Boss Day and Mother-in-law Day both fall within the month. Someone's clearly got a sense of humor. October also marks one of your last chances to participate in DA's calendar fun. We've got some inspiring artwork from prior showcase winners right in our clutches and we're getting itchy to print. So, get on it! Draw the month of October 2012 and submit. You could be our next featured artist. How wicked is that!?

UPDATE: See the finished 2012 Hand-drawn calendar. Now available or pre-order.


Art by: Notofagus

76 Faves

By: James Hipkiss
2 Votes

By: Heidi Deguzman
32 Votes

By: gingerlily
3 Votes

By: pete gillespie
76 Votes

By: Marsha Baker
2 Votes

By: fiabeSCa
26 Votes

By: Sophie Allison
8 Votes

By: Marilyn MacGregor
17 Votes

By: Dan Wolfe
24 Votes

By: Stacey Powitzky
7 Votes

By: Catherine Jackman
11 Votes

By: Súa Agapé
16 Votes

By: Boris Melgarejo
7 Votes

By: Anarva D.
7 Votes

By: Saz Evers
4 Votes

By: Cale Coduti
4 Votes

By: Stephanie Anne Flis
8 Votes

By: Patience Emily
35 Votes

By: Edward Nel
7 Votes

By: C M Carter
44 Votes


  1. Just submitted my October 2012 Calendar. I hope the JPEG was adequate. I will scan it professionally on Monday, since my scanner is too small for the piece. I also emailed it to the editor. Thanks,

  2. Just submitted mine, didn't know about the comp until a few days ago so i hope it'll look alrite:)

  3. I too have submitted...huzzah. Though I am not convinced by the use of JPEG's...harrumph. Either way, good luck one and all.

  4. just submitted mine too. good luck everybody :)

  5. Yeeha... October was fun one to do!!! Good luck all

  6. I was so excited to send in my first !!ever!! DA submission that I submitted the wrong file. -_-, Oh, man! I already sent an email to editor{at}doodlersanonymous{dot}com that I found somewhere on this website. Is that alright? or what should I do? I'm ashamed. -_-

  7. @anarva, that's nothing to be ashamed of. don't worry, just wait for the DA staff to contact you :)

  8. I just submitted my page - this is a great idea! Thanks! Good luck all Doodlers.

  9. Thats mine done! Good luck everyone, can't wait to see the entries, there's always some amazing stuff.

  10. Everything fixed. Thanks loads! & Good luck to all!

  11. submitted mine I can't wait to see everyone's entries!!!

  12. I'm trying to draw something but not sure if I'll finish it in time. If there is a November comp, I may add it for that!

  13. It maybe December

  14. About to upload my entry. 5 for 5! Looking forward to seeing everyone's, as ever.

  15. hahahah! they are all so cute hehehe! :D

  16. looking great...some amazing work here!

  17. Look forward to the next showcase was fun doing this :)

  18. I had a tough time choosing between a few!

  19. Nata Metlukh, I hope you win :)

  20. Some AMAZING stuff here. Loved the Marilyn MacGregor one with all the subtle drawings!

  21. Beautiful submissions!

  22. You guys got worse! MAYBE Dan W and C M Carter, but the rest are to children drawings. An artist make you feel something ( sad, happy, disturb, bizarre etc). if your are smoking yerba and its not good shit, don't draw, go to sleep.

  23. @marco You should submit to the next calendar showcase if you don't like what you see :)

  24. @ Marco your comments got worse. Do you have anything better to do with your time than be negative. You had a negative comment last showcase too. I agree with HUGO maybe YOU should enter. Lets see how "good" you are.

  25. Love the toes dipped in the water and the music one.

  26. The boy Gillespie's is different class - must have took ages.

  27. Love them all!

  28. That was a bit tense....well done Nata, not sure what happens now.

  29. ooh a draw between between Pete and Nata... What's going to happen now???

  30. Great show this time round! And a draw just to prove how close it is :-)

  31. Marco, you mention 'children drawings'(sic), like that's a bad thing and rant about having to 'feel something' felt strong enough to post, job done....well done all.

  32. A apt.

  33. Talk about a tight race folks. Well done. It seems that the team and I here at DA will have to break the tie. We'll make our decision in the coming days and announce it on the blog. Thank you all for participating!

  34. Like I said, I do hope Nata Metlukh win :)

  35. Looks like it's an old fashioned doodle off ;)

  36. Marco probably tells everyone how well he can draw... let's see your stuff. Always someone in the peanut gallery!!!! Remember this is supposed to be fun...

  37. These are great! I especially love the mushrooms and witch. Also, the two that tied were very good. I think the fish tank one was neat and "outside the box."

  38. i vote for pete gillespie, the second to last one and it is aweosme

  39. What great entries.... That Marco dude is probably too scared to post something that he has to let it out on others...

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