Napkin Draw

Napkin Draw

We thank each and every one of you for your participation. It's a testament to the doodle community and encouraging to know that we are all craving a place to celebrate our addiction of drawing on anything and everything.

Now the really fun part. You get to see them all and vote for your favorite. The best part is you don't have to pick just one. You can mark as many as you'd like. Just click the asterisk under each of the ones you like and its "fave score" will increase by one.

Voting ends Monday, 5pm Eastern


Art by: zelig

55 Faves

By: Neophytou
6 Votes

By: Corey Thompson
17 Votes

By: Dennis Pomales
25 Votes

By: Miss Muffins
7 Votes

By: Nicole Gomez
19 Votes

By: Rolf Schroeter
16 Votes

By: jeff meadows
5 Votes

By: Larry M. Seals
3 Votes

By: Greenleaves
4 Votes

By: Patty Bilbro
7 Votes

By: Carla Thursday
11 Votes

By: Kylo
24 Votes

By: Helena Maratheftis
30 Votes

By: Painterchic
10 Votes

By: Nedra T Williams
2 Votes

By: Le Diamant Noir
10 Votes

By: baysan yuksel
45 Votes

By: Lally Fider
8 Votes

By: Jens Flindt
15 Votes

By: Jim Bradshaw
42 Votes

By: Jen Cheng
6 Votes

By: tex norman
3 Votes

By: Matt Bero
9 Votes

By: Fabiola
2 Votes

By: Cale Coduti
18 Votes

By: Manuel Regalado
36 Votes

By: Steven Ketchum
15 Votes

By: Victoria Alice
1 Votes

By: Mia Christopher
30 Votes

By: Jenny
38 Votes

By: teresita cruz
16 Votes

By: Francine McGee
3 Votes

By: Vika
5 Votes

By: Addison James Eaton
12 Votes

By: mooshka
5 Votes

By: Muxxi
28 Votes

By: Warren Beinart
15 Votes

By: May Beltran
19 Votes

By: donny nguyen
8 Votes

By: won tsuen
29 Votes

By: monstroise
36 Votes

By: Cheek fille
39 Votes

By: Jamie Shelman
21 Votes

By: Hildemar Cruz
11 Votes

By: Santiago Merino
9 Votes

By: hoshibana sakabe
7 Votes

By: Leslie
4 Votes

By: Joanne Morgan
11 Votes

By: Kisan Bhat
11 Votes

By: shane nacpil
2 Votes

By: Kamolsky
2 Votes

By: Alexandra Trizotto
13 Votes

By: Suzanne Urban
39 Votes

By: Emby
3 Votes

By: Yvonne Stewart
18 Votes

By: Lori Alrawi
19 Votes

By: adrian paulsen
25 Votes

By: grilled cheese
6 Votes

By: Magic Bartender
9 Votes

By: Stephanie Cooper
41 Votes

By: Max Woodruff
3 Votes

By: nc
11 Votes

By: Maiahi
3 Votes

By: Juliana Cuervo Muriel
21 Votes

By: Amanda Burnham
7 Votes

By: Judy Adamson
15 Votes

By: Jhazzmyn
31 Votes

By: Joyce Yow
6 Votes

By: Jayme Art
20 Votes

By: Cheryl Smith
16 Votes


  1. Waking up in Bent Glasses with MONSTER Breath on a BAD hair day... I really do fall asleep in my glasses all the time, even when I am wearing contacts, because then I still need reading glasses,, so I can fall asleep doodling.... I had to go digging in my old Volvo to even FIND a napkin, which may be as old as the car (1985) or as new as last weeks trip to Dick's Drive in... Do I finally belong SOMEWHERE? I was going to upload it folded, but then I liked the way it looked unfolded. I had fun doing it. This is actually my first napkin doodle, and my first submission of any of my art to anything....

  2. Just two days back I had gone to Pizza corner. While waiting for the pizza I just doodled on the paper napkin and I saw this contest. So here is my entry for the first time...

  3. theme of the day - a Hepburn in the Hilton world

  4. My 1st Showcase Challenge Posted, pen, chalk from the "Specials" Board & Cigarette ashes from an ashtray, while cleaning it! Doodled what I saw & used what was there! ;-D Cheers, Magic `*>~[

  5. I had a stash of Dunkin Donut napkins, who in this world doesn't? So I sketched on one for this challenge. Funny enough I often sketch on paper napkins whether it be Starbucks or D and D or some other cafe I'm in.

  6. First thing I did when I got home yesterday. Doodling on napkins is a moral imperative, isn't it?

  7. I'm more of a place-mat-doodler than a napkin-drawer, but my submission has been uploaded!

  8. Just uploaded my napkin submission but I found it quite difficult to doodle on a napkin because the surface didn't lend itself to spontaneity - kept catching on my pen! Maybe not the best type of napkin but it was the only one I had!

  9. Love doodling on napkins especially the ones from fast food joints. I love the way the ink bleeds. I have a typeface I created from a napkin doodle laying around somewhere. Aptly named "Wet Nap"

  10. Just finished my doodle! Can't wait to upload it later!!

  11. yep...I submitted my napkin masterpiece :)

  12. I have no idea why, but it's not possible uploading the picture (JPG) here! :s

  13. Can't wait to see all the doodles!

  14. Amalie, The server has a restriction of 2MB per file. Try reducing the file size and see if it works.

  15. Cheryl > me too !! I'd like so much to be a lil mouse having diner near DA server ^___^

  16. Submitted!

  17. submitted

  18. I just uploaded my napkin. I wish I could have uploaded all the ones I had to toss. Was fun to do over lunch.

  19. Done, and done. It didn't show an error when I uploaded something larger than 2 MB the other day, but glad to have tried again.

  20. Hello, Mine is 1.78 MB, and I also tried one 1.25. Doesn't wokr :( Don't know what to do :(

  21. Um I've uploaded mine but it's appearing as a box with a blue question mark in it. Any idea if it's actually worked / if I can re-try? Thanks!

  22. Uploaded my first showcase. Inspired by my composer / lyricist dad, who always tells me that his best songs were always scribbled on a bar napkin.

  23. Just reading some of these posts and I submitted my file size as 72dpi "save for web" so it is a lot smaller than some of the people here. I just assumed this was for web only viewing. Does my file need to be a higher resolution?

  24. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Your comments have helped me figure out what the possible problem is. I am working on a solution. :) The submissions look AMAZING. I'm giddy with excitement to read your reactions when we make them live. UPDATE: I've lowered the allowed file size to 1MB and it seems to be helping things.

  25. @Carla Thursday: We just sent you an email with details on how to resubmit. @Jim: We got yours and it looks great, no worries.

  26. submitted :)

  27. Bic Biro on napkin paper gives a nice chunky line - my entry was a doodle engendered by someone pontificating at the cafe table. Cut the cord and drop something on them. The next competition should be on coffee lids. The line is hard and sharp biro on slippy plastic. Often leave the lids behind in Costa's or wherever. Anyone that finds them can keep them as art or bin them to keep the planet tidy. Real art critics. I'll never find out.

  28. Submitted =^,,^=

  29. Are you going to publish all the napkin doodles? :D If yes - I can't wait!

  30. done. cheers everyone :)

  31. Woot! Had fun doing this. :) What's the next theme, I wonder? :D I like the coffee lid idea.

  32. a lot of nice stuff....exiting! got to second the question of next theme. any ideas?

  33. Oh wow, interesting artworks, congratulations :) Great! :D

  34. I wanted to do it...But I was tired. :( Next time yah? But some of these are awesome! Makes me want to do the next theme for sure!!!

  35. that was fun, great posts! can't wait for the next theme!

  36. Best of luck guys, deep run so you can all have a good time! :-) May the best Win! ♥

  37. Well done! This was FUN.

  38. This is cool. I'm happy to join the doodlers team, thanks to my friend Warren! I voted for yours Warren :)

  39. Fantastic napkins. Cheers to all you awesome doodlers.

  40. YEAH!!!!!!!!! This is the best!!!!!!!!!!! You all did an amazing job!!!!!!!!!!! I got a lot of joy out of looking at these!!!!!!!

  41. Very fresh works! Best luck to all of you!

  42. good fun :)

  43. man, i pretty much had to vote for all of them! so many rad doodlers.

  44. New member. How do I submit napkin entry?

  45. this is FUNNN

  46. hey, where has one of the napkins i wanted to vote for gone?

  47. @Scottie G: We had to remove three submissions from the competition because they were not drawn on napkins.

  48. These are gorgeous. It must have been difficult to choose one winner.

  49. :)

  50. Congrats Zelig ; p lol

  51. What a great competition idea! Where do you doodle more than a napkin!

  52. <3 <3 !!!!!!!!

  53. Exellent work by everyone! Very inspiring!I'm Off to doodle right now!

  54. These are so amazing ^__^ my favorite was Suzanne Urban's :))

  55. this napkin competition is the best contest i have ever seen!

  56. this napkin competition is the best contest i have ever seen!

  57. @okat - Really cool showcase.

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