June Calendar Draw

June Calendar Draw

We wait all year for summer to finally come around. Now there's even more reason to anticipate... it may be your chance to join our amazingly talented prior showcase winners and invited artists. DA's calendar is swelling month by month with great art. Submit your artwork and it could bask in the sun as the featured art for the month of June. Lotion up, June's gonna be a hot one.

UPDATE: See the finished 2012 Hand-drawn calendar. Now available or pre-order.


Art by: Bigeyes

46 Faves

By: Boris Melgarejo
7 Votes

By: Vix
7 Votes

By: Horsey McBoo
6 Votes

By: Nidhi Dwarakanath
3 Votes

By: mesilane
5 Votes

By: Paula
43 Votes

By: marina
6 Votes

By: Victoria McMahon
2 Votes

By: kali elahi
1 Votes

By: timos livaditis
2 Votes

By: Timothy J. Reynolds
14 Votes

By: Maria Kirkland
18 Votes

By: teresita cruz
6 Votes

By: sujata
4 Votes

By: Edward Nel
15 Votes

By: Nadine Kappacher
12 Votes

By: Mike Lewis
9 Votes

By: outsketch
8 Votes

By: Marsha Baker
4 Votes

By: Helena Maratheftis
20 Votes

By: ApollineR
1 Votes

By: C M Carter
9 Votes

By: Ileana Hernandez
23 Votes

By: Anja Polh
21 Votes

By: Liz
8 Votes


  1. oops...

  2. just submitted. good luck to all!

  3. submitted mine too. good luck everybody :D

  4. damn - I wish i found this site earlier. I'll wait for July...

  5. yep, done!

  6. Good luck everyone.^_^

  7. What happened to my submission? Not here!

  8. ooh really nice ones! this was so much fun to make!

  9. Good luck to all! :)

  10. so many people need vacation... good luck to all!!!

  11. I completely missed out on this one.. DOH. And my birthday is in June! Oh well, good luck to everyone! Some great stuff here.

  12. I was wondering where your's was Skud! Good luck to all the rest : D

  13. Here (Brazil) June isn't summer, but, is that doodle? I'm in.

  14. How is it that I am just now finding out that I CANNOT COUNT. What a dweeb.

  15. There's some great drawings here! Couldn't pick one favourite so I've voted for lots. Is that how its supposed to work? :D

  16. @Edward Nel: Sorry for the hiccup. Our system initially ignored the submission because of the file size. We've corrected it and made it live. Good luck.

  17. oh happy day! What variety!

  18. @dan Yup ;)

  19. Done! :D

  20. Everyones artwork is so cool! I'd love to be involved in something like this!

  21. me too this looks so much fun

  22. These look amazing. good job!!

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