Egg Draw

Egg Draw

In this season of artificial green cellophane and pastel hyperbole comes the kind of challenge you've been waiting for. Leave the bunnies and chicks to the chocolatiers and doodle up some savagely creative eggs. No theme. No constraints. Just you and a carton of (fragile) possibility.


Art by: Janneke

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By: Mouse
9 Votes

By: Paola Rodríguez
33 Votes

By: Flameheart
13 Votes

By: Shirley Zhao
8 Votes

By: Carolyn Flynn
3 Votes

By: Súa Agapé
26 Votes

By: Krusty
6 Votes

By: Robert J. Roid Jr.
11 Votes

By: Elin Angharad
6 Votes

By: Sanyu Kiyingi
10 Votes

By: Carlos Gerardo
28 Votes

By: Eloise
12 Votes

By: Angelica E.
8 Votes

By: Carolina The Doodler
10 Votes

By: Lily Potter
2 Votes

By: larry gale
11 Votes

By: Esther Molina
12 Votes

By: Becca Charlier
5 Votes

By: David Rhoden
2 Votes

By: Gisela Voss
2 Votes

By: Peter James Maggs
5 Votes

By: Jandice James
7 Votes

3 Votes

By: Cat Neligan
7 Votes

By: jlbandeen
15 Votes

By: Yuveline P. Titus
6 Votes

By: Sarah H
18 Votes

By: Sam LaValley
18 Votes

By: Anja Polh
19 Votes

By: Muxxi
35 Votes

By: Ellenstration
19 Votes

By: Roberta Wood
17 Votes

By: Cara Holland
5 Votes


  1. Woooot!

  2. wow!!! Great idea guys!!

  3. YAY! I'm ready for this :D

  4. This is gonna be fun!

  5. Sounds like fun. I'm in!

  6. oh my- great great great! And the prizes- OH MY!

  7. Wish I could submit, but am crunched for time, maybe next time. SU But can't wait to see the submissions, and great prize folks!

  8. Yeah yeah!!!

  9. Cant wait to see them all!

  10. ...I have to run to the supermarket to buy some eggs!!! ^____^

  11. Submitted! :D I was surprised how easily ball point pens worked on chicken eggs.

  12. next one to open my egg carton will get a scare. :)

  13. @clara ha! I know I did :P

  14. Really??? Ball points pens on eggs??? I had no idea!!! Good to know!!! ^____^

  15. Phew! Just in time... I went a bit abstract with my doodles. I used a water-soluble ink pen. lol-> was lots of fun and now my hands are blue.

  16. Amazing!!! I love them!!! This was really really fun!!! ^____^.

  17. The eggfactor one by Lily Porter cracks me up every time. And as usual, I'm so impressed by all your creativity and talent.

  18. wow, Eloise - clever and cute. well done!

  19. These were all amazing!

  20. awesome

  21. really enjoyed seeing everyone's entries for this, and congratulations Janneke de Jong! Very clever and creative design!

  22. congratulations to the winner. Clever design. well chosen winner amongst intricacies, quantity--- wit won.

  23. Eggcellent!

  24. Great! Talented people!

  25. Lovely

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