Draw Yourself(ie)

Draw Yourself(ie)

Mirror, mirror on the wall... who will be the winner of them all? DA showcase challenge #19 tasks you to doodle yourself. Draw a spot-on likeness of your image or a more creative, interpretative self-portrait. Either way we want to see what stares back at you when you peer through the looking glass. Play with, around, and through the prop, i.e., the mirror. This is about taking a good hard look at yourself. And holy smokes! Did we mention? Our sponsor, Michaels (one of the largest retailers of drawing and sketching supplies) is offering all participants 25% off sketchbook supplies to encourage you to get your draw on (click to print coupon). Plus, the winner of this challenge gets a $250 Michaels giftcard*. Oh, the creative damage one could do with that! I'm dreaming of one of those mini shopping carts piled high. Read below for complete details.

Draw Yourself(ie) Drawing Challenge Instructions


My first time applying the patterns that frequently appear in my work to a person!
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i initially had my final doodle on bristol board but i was so excited for the showcase i didn't look at the details (draw in mirror) ha. had fun doing it again.

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This is my three and a half year old daughter Lucy Aurora's self portrait.

By: Kaitlyn Kane
29 Votes

Hand drawn and painted with watercolor, acrylic and markers.

By: Deb Packwood
20 Votes

Haven't drawn a portrait in years! This was very fun and interesting to paint.

I used watercolor paints/pens.

By: Candace Johnson
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Peace, Love, Happiness, Science & Doodles.
But mostly doodles.

By: Desiree Graham
5 Votes

I only wear my gas mask these days.

By: Duru Eksioglu
3 Votes

me in my chair at the computer. xx

By: deb jacobs
7 Votes

life is pretty up in the air at the moment. i'm perpetually a deer in headlights.

By: Daren Magee
75 Votes

drawn with black pen and and painted with markers.  I love nature, so my self-portrait,

By: lee kreklewetz
22 Votes

markers and pens

By: Magdalena Zmijowska
19 Votes

I like turtles.

By: Vanessa Chan
40 Votes

I enjoy anime style art and it's my normal technique, so I thought, what's better then drawing myself in that way?! I'd love to win this contest and be able to buy prisma color pencils like I used to use in highschool!

By: Mykkie Lyn Ritenour
4 Votes

this is me in my most sublime state (with an homage to the Seussian master)

By: Marx Myth
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By: Mr Steffen
11 Votes

By: Laura Goncalves
37 Votes

By: Vin Ganapathy
34 Votes

Brad Jeske self portrait

By: Brad Jeske
28 Votes

here is my doodle. thanks!

By: Dino Arellano
2 Votes

When you open those blank pages, and you're mind starts to turn, and then your hand starts to move, and those lines start to appear, it becomes this awesome cycle of Exploration, Creativity and Thought, it's my own meditation

By: Juan Navarro
43 Votes

By: Qùynh-Chi
11 Votes

By: Gerry
8 Votes

By: Will White
13 Votes

By: Tea Mihaila
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This is actually a pretty close picture of me!  Half (female) John Lennon, half Peanuts character!  I even use this as the wall paper on my cell phone!

By: Amy Renee Neely
8 Votes

Flamin' footsies selfie.

By: Natalie E. Kovacs
8 Votes

By: Angela Southern
7 Votes

Um. Uhhh...

Oh yeah! I'm known to be quite forgetful among my friends and family, so I thought I'd choose that aspect of myself to show through with this drawing.

That stuff coming out of my ears? Oh, it's like wispy, fluffy, bubblegummy stuff that seeps out during daydreams. It's only perceivable to racoons.

I used pencil and colour pencils and then placed it in the frame on computer.

And now, um...

By: Louis Vinet
19 Votes

By: Lisa Haagen
15 Votes

By: Sara
14 Votes

This was all hand-drawn with a Sharpie looking at myself in my daughter's mirror but when I took the photo, the

By: jlbandeen
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25 minutes of my life 4u doodlers all around the planet earth !!

By: Serif Salabi
5 Votes

Medium: Pastel, oil paint
I wanted to evoke a sense of wonder and magic that art brings me. Sometimes I feel bland and boring, black and white, but art allows me to shine.

By: Marcelle Padilla
18 Votes

I'm a bit clumsy and I'm not fond of swimming.

By: Judith
34 Votes

Watercolour on paper.

By: Nicola MacNeil
33 Votes

By: B
9 Votes

wish I really had a heart nose and this much spaghetti hair! I do feel that I generally have all these things living in my barnet though!

By: Ella Goodwin
45 Votes

Ana Sebastián

By: Ana Sebastián
26 Votes

self portrait caricature using only pencil and black pen

By: Helder Silva
30 Votes

An inside look at my mind. Please wipe your feet on the mat before entering.

By: McKenna Bahr
8 Votes

The Inner Me, 
a doodle portrait using a 0.25 rotring rapidograph pen.

By: Lawrence McGrath
89 Votes

By: Laura Alice Thompson
16 Votes

tangled myself a bit, pen, marker, colored pencils, and graphite:)

By: Hollie Sawyer
3 Votes

By: Anna Molly
5 Votes

Me through the looking glass, my hair are flying petal red roses; the butterflies are outside the cage flying around me too; The prince frog is smiling and of course I'm wearing my dream catcher necklace. Materials: paper, pencil 4b, acrylic paint.

By: Gloria Chang
19 Votes

By: Steph Lee
22 Votes

By: Clare Pryke
7 Votes

Welcome to the Sad Girls Club

By: Jennifer Bowman
30 Votes

By: Jennifer Harp
9 Votes

By: Adriana Skull
6 Votes

ink & copic marker

By: Gary Kopet
40 Votes

Momma Dukes

By: Sian Jordan
4 Votes

By: Alexis
9 Votes

A quick experimental depiction of myself. It was a lot of fun :)

By: Cleonique Hilsaca
31 Votes

By: Nadja Asghar
7 Votes

This is an illustration of myself surrounded with my two loves: Space and Triangles.

By: Jacqueline Moliner
24 Votes

By Me :D

By: Erin
2 Votes

By: Alice Nolan
6 Votes

By: no no
3 Votes

A little hello from Montreal :D

By: Marie-Noël Lefebvre
12 Votes

Regardless of the heartaches, I continue to wear my heart on my sleeve because it is a part of who I am.

By: Ashley Love
19 Votes

Selfie in watercolor and pen

By: Abril Elizalde
3 Votes

By: E J Summitt
14 Votes

By: Phoebe Lin
13 Votes

By: Chelsea Farrell
30 Votes

Here is my portrait doodle with my hamster (Long dead but still in my head)

By: Maria
20 Votes

By: Cheryl Smith
11 Votes

Me (ava) with my cat dinah

By: ava verno
5 Votes

It's me, under my skin.

46 Votes

By: Alistair Barclay
3 Votes

my dream..

By: Gauri Panicker
40 Votes

I love nature and I love drawing

By: Rebecca Lee
16 Votes

By: Andrew Marino
14 Votes


By: Carolyn Flynn
2 Votes

Hi! This challenge was super fun. My 'selfie' depicts more of my thinking and appreciation for the beauty around me than my actual likeness. I hope you enjoy it!

By: Liz Synalovski
28 Votes

By: jasmine
4 Votes

Me and my mess of curls - age 10

By: bianca golloher
6 Votes

Self Portrait by John Martin

By: John Martin
36 Votes

Le me

By: Olga M.
10 Votes

This is my doodled self(ie). Thanks.

By: Sonia Beckwith Cole
44 Votes

By: Emma McInnes
7 Votes

A self-portrait? it's good, most of time,I'm my favourite victim.
For this one, I used a bit of everything that I had at hand: color pencils, acrylic, ballpoint pen .. 
And I offered myself an aureole of holiness.

By: Tazab
46 Votes

pen/brush and ink on paper

By: Steven Weeks
12 Votes

By: Santiago Jaramillo
6 Votes

Esther Molina

By: Esther Molina
22 Votes

By: Mira Viv
13 Votes

By: Jasmine Bunga
7 Votes

cartoon self portrait

By: Thomas A. Marino
4 Votes

By: Chelsea Gaines
11 Votes

It's always the quiet ones...

By: Edward Nel
25 Votes

By: Aspi J. Bharucha
4 Votes


By: Súa Agapé
42 Votes

Self portrait drawing using fineliner and Letraset markers. Loads of other mini-portraits drawn around it as well - i.e drawn with left hand, blind contour, etc.

By: Joe Williamson
22 Votes

I always have to work late into the night. I will wrap myself up like a cocoon to keep warm.

By: Christine O Wong
41 Votes

drawing of myself (Theanne Crossett) from a photo taken in May at my granddaughter's birthday party...

By: Theanne L Crossett
22 Votes

By: lakshmi nair
25 Votes

I wanted to find a way to incorporate my doodles into a portrait of myself, and after some trial and error, this is what I came up with!

By: Sophia Farkas
13 Votes

Cartoonjish Style Portrait Doodle of Me

By: Cooktown Art
1 Votes

By: Nutty Natalia
21 Votes

Too long bangs. Nerdy glasses. Short hair. Me?

By: lindoo
24 Votes

My surreal self-portrait. Made using pen and watercolor.

By: Adriana Guarderas
4 Votes

My work and imagination comes from a piece of pencil... and the things I explore are through my doodles :)

By: Fatema Poonawala
17 Votes

It's okay not to be okay.

By: Nelli Agbulos
3 Votes

Self Portrait based on the insanity and obsession of love.  Ink, collage, and colored pencil on illustration board.

By: Untitled Today
21 Votes

Materials used: Black ink, yellow and tan markers.

By: Vivian Garcia
8 Votes

Ink, acrylic and charcoal on paper.

By: Courtney White
23 Votes

Here's my selfie taken in my (future) room :)

By: Jean Valencia
7 Votes

This is me. I have blond-ish curly hair and always wear scarfs.

By: teresita cruz
7 Votes

By: Karl Freitag
10 Votes

By: Patricia Spencer
17 Votes

ink and paper. never stop drawing!

By: Jesse Blank
25 Votes

By: sherex
70 Votes


By: Dio Corona Perez
13 Votes

balloon party!

By: Kelsey Sry
8 Votes

Here I am. This represents what I love to do and how my mind fills with ideas I can't keep track of and projects yet to be finished. Well I finished this one it's a wrap ! Dawn

By: Dawn M. Mecozzi
7 Votes

By: Mr. Braintree
42 Votes

This is a drawing of me doing the first drawing I ever did.  I was 19 months old.

By: Heather Annis
30 Votes

My name is Misty, and I am a mad scientist doodler!!! I create MONSTERS! BWAHAHAAA!

By: Misty Adams
32 Votes

By: Dennis Guerra
13 Votes


By: Holly Burke
9 Votes

A surreal type pencil drawing of me with liquid hair? I usually don't like drawing noses in my work so I just leave them out.

By: Sophia Murray
13 Votes

Hello, I'm Rocio AKA unbichobolita, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, so probably I'm not even qualified to participate in the contest because there's no Michaels in my city :(
And of course, I didn't understand the FOUR simple steps, and I made my drawing in other piece of paper rather than using the template you provided.
I had to print the template, cut out the centre and tape it to my sketchbook.
The stain in the drawing is some chicken salad that fell of my sandwich.

Good luck to everybody!

By: unbichobolita
20 Votes

By: Juliette Hell
1 Votes

This was drawn with sharpie on ceramic tile. The color streaks are when I thinned the sharpies with 91% rubbing alcohol.

By: Joshua Gambetta
21 Votes

By: Anarva D.
19 Votes

By: Andreas Art
5 Votes

A continuous line drawing of my seemingly very woven sqiggly self!

By: Katie Maçon
23 Votes

self portrait made with pencil

By: Sebastian Villegas
5 Votes

Inside Me
Ink, markers and color pencil on paper

By: Laura Alvarez
25 Votes

My name is Andrea, and this is my entry for the selfie ^.^  In this portrait I am wearing my favorite celestial scarf.  Yay for galaxy motifs! 

A little about myself- I was the quiet one that sat in the back of the class and took notes attentively during the 3 hour art appreciation course (excitement!) and seriously struggled to focus during the 1 hour accounting course (please, just shoot me now).  

Anywho, hope you enjoy :)

By: Andrea Morgan
33 Votes

By: V. Thompson
11 Votes

max stoked in the morning.

By: Max Stoked
33 Votes

By: Dawn Revett
9 Votes


  1. so were I to win (living in Germany) could I give the prize to my friend in the States who could really use it (she is student) ?

  2. @Clara: Yes, you sure can (that's really nice of you). Good luck!

  3. Ditto, I'm taking a trip over to the states in September. Same goes I presume?

  4. will you ever expand the competitions to include the rest of the world? LM

  5. Participated, but I am in UK... just playing for fun ;)

  6. Can you crop the michaels and the doodlers anonymous logo off the frame? Trying to get my image under 2mb...

  7. @Andy: Yes sir. The main prize is a gift card (for $250) to use at any of their retail locations in the U.S. and Canada. @Lucie: Our showcases always include "the rest of the world". From the 19 drawing challenges we've hosted, this is actually the first to limit the prize to U.S. and Canada folks only, and that's simply because our sponsor does not have retail locations in every country around the world. @Maria: Glad to hear it! That is what it's all about anyway, an excuse to draw something and share it with the DA community. The prize is just the cherry on top of what's already a fun prompt. @Lawrence: Email the jpg to us in its entirety, we'll try and see if we can solve the image size issue for you.

  8. can we post the photo we copy from as well as the doodle?

  9. What if you're in another country, lets say Korea, but you're moving to the states in august... Will I still be able to participate??

  10. wait i think u answered this question... LOL but still want to make sure.

  11. When does voting open? Or did I miss the link?

  12. @Kevin: Yes @Elizabeth: Voting begins June 26th @ 4pm, until then we are taking submissions.

  13. Ohhh okay. I thought that's when the contest was over. Thanks!

  14. How do I get it under 2 MB?

  15. Dear @Lawrence McGrath and @Erin, if you have Photoshop or some other graphic software, many of them have an option on the "File" menu that allows you to "save for web and devices". It will reduce the size of the image keeping a very good quality for computer screen. ^_____^ Good luck to everyone!!! I love all your drawing contests!!! ^________^

  16. Hello, I entered the wrong picture to the contest. Is there any way I can change it. I am freaking out here. Please help!

  17. I never thought of making a self portrait, but here i got a reason to make it..i enjoyed..:) thankyou so much

  18. @Adriana -- please email us the art from the email address you use for your account and we'll replace it.

  19. how would i do this if my daughter (age 10) also wishes to enter? would she have to create her own profile?

  20. It is done!! I'm so excited about this one!!!!

  21. Thanks Esther :) it is now done :D

  22. So that means i cant use my wacom bamboo tablet, correct?

  23. ;)

  24. my first submission, not for the prize though as i'm outside the US :-) great challenge idea.

  25. I just made my image larger. How do I upload the new one?

  26. @Ellie -- that is correct: As always, we encourage the hand-made, use pen, marker, sharpie, paint, whatever, but no computer help. :)

  27. I accidentally did mine upside down so the logos are on top. I still submitted it! Hope it's OK.

  28. My first challenge. :D This is so fun!! Is there a way to view other submissions or are they hidden until winners are picked?

  29. Just got done submitting my entry ! I enjoyed this Thanks, Dawn

  30. TEE HEE!

  31. Done!! @MARIA Me pasas el voucher a mi!!!!

  32. Heyyy :)..... just found out about the competition on last minute.... did my best on it.... but really bad photograph and sadly the prize dosnt help me because i am from Pakistan but I am really excited about this competition. I hope I win so I can give the prize money to my friend in states, she will love the present :)

  33. heyyy :) Here comes my first submission..........:):) I am from india...O:) hope u'll like it ....this is for the first time I have made a portrait and that too of myself :D

  34. Good luck to everyone!!!

  35. This was so fun. I can't wait to see all the submissions. Good luck everyone!

  36. wOW there's some really cool ones!

  37. They're really good :)!!

  38. didn't see mine. oh well. good work nonetheless.

  39. nice entries! :D

  40. amazing! i love that i can vote more then once!

  41. Glad people liked mine! It was fun, I was glad to have time to do one of these, hope to do mor ein the future. The work up there is Awesome! Percolating in Creativity

  42. Everyone did a great job on this challenge! You all win in my opinion.

  43. Well done all. Great inspiration potion

  44. All the portraits are great but when you know the person and can see how they were able to draw themselves so that we could identify them without even reading their name, then you realize what talent they have. Way to go Steph! Our vote is for you!

  45. wow - great talent here guys! I'm glad I'm not the person with the responsibility of picking the winner!

  46. Great job everyone!

  47. Some really beautiful entries there, I must have favourited about ten of them. Kind of wish I'd taken part now (even though I'm not in the States); I feel really inspired.

  48. ANARVA DIMENSION is the fullest portrait. Yes the others have talent./ but lack a little of something. Shes pretty dope

  49. goodluck to all of you artist. keep the spirit alive. our love , smiles and tears and of course our art is the only thing that truly belongs to some of us. Wish you all the best of luck

  50. Great job everyone, I think I was able to whittle down my choice of a favorite down to like... ten.

  51. Who won!?!

  52. Yeh - who won?! x

  53. Congratulations Emilie Darlington!

  54. @Hugo Thank you! This is way cool and unexpected! Where do we go from here? :)

  55. Congrats Emilie!

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