Draw Your Sidekick

Draw Your Sidekick

The time has come for you to choose where your "Hero's Journey" will lead, but every hero needs his sidekick. We are challenging you to draw a sidekick that would accompany you on your next adventure.  What's your sidekick's name? What do they look like? What do they wear? What special abilities do they inhibit? Draw them up and upload your submission for a chance to win an incredible prize.


He brings the night and can switch heads with his pet

Art by: mariab

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Turbo Steven supply guy

By: Ninja Tiger
13 Votes

By: Mateus Zuliani
16 Votes

Because Supa Hound can do anything

By: Matthew Moir
8 Votes

Name is pronounced as 'Bebe-u'. Nope, there is no story behind the name, it just hit me. :) 
His special ability is managing to eat almost anything and sleeping for almost half a day.
I would love to have him with me on my next camping trip :D
Thank you. :)

By: Poorvi Garag
5 Votes

By: Claire Wildish
5 Votes

CATgyver can do pretty much everything, so he is a perfect companion for all adventures!

By: Lucia Rumanova
7 Votes

By: Chiara Sonda
1 Votes

By: Theops
4 Votes

This is Ralphie. He's cool. Literally. Adventure somewhere hot, he'll keep stuff cool in his fur. Want a cooling hug? Go ahead. Want some ice cold water? No problem. His fur is magical, like a gateway to Narnia. Unlimited capacity to carry everything so you don't have to adventure with tons on your back. Hide whatever in his fur and he'll be happy, as long as he's with you. Put some tunes on, on those long journeys, with Ralphie's top of the line sound system. Party here, party there, party everywhere!

Doodled with a basic stylus in Adobe Draw on an iPad Mini.

By: Crystal Nunn
18 Votes

After all the action, travels and adventures I need someone to rest and sleep with (:

By: Ana Humana
5 Votes

Se7en Heaven, fly me to the world.

By: Ley Soon
4 Votes

Toothless Derek. My sidekick. 

A rare one of a kind blue Ogre, He lost all his teeth in an underground fighting ring from Earth A239C - 3 years ago. He eventually earned enough credit for a one-way portal to Earth 1 (ours) 

The portal opens directly above me. Something strange happens the portal reacts in an unexpected way, it needs more energy so I throw my microwave at it to extend its opening time (don't ask!) Derek flies out, he's partially frozen and covered in slime. he opens one eye and whispers...


By: John Thorpe
10 Votes

He's a philosopher, wears two pairs of glasses and a roll neck jumper, carries a satchel and smokes a bubble pipe! No special abilities, apart from engaging in thought-provoking conversation, and just nice to have around as a travel companion. And he's a monkey, with a bowl-haircut!

By: Si Chiu
19 Votes

Wendeilla is the ultimate side kick. Wendeilla is powerful and patient enough to see you to, and through, any adventure. She specializes in remote travels. Her ability to whistle songs by request is also pretty rad.

By: Amanda Wall
16 Votes

Hi! My name is Kurt. I don't have any special abilities other than that I'm a curious guy who loves life and can understand and speak a few languages on a decent basic level. Let's travel together!

By: Diana Koehne
19 Votes

By: Robyn Finlay
4 Votes

Inspired by a seriously awesome guy from college.

By: Adam Black
6 Votes

The Pencil: Man's second Best Friend

By: Dietrich Adonis
8 Votes

This is my sidekick, Meteorlady. Her ears like an elf. She wears the mask and that could makes her looks like a mysterious woman. She can float in the air, space and meteor control:)

By: lela
3 Votes

She is Azul, my little doggie. She will be my sidekick.
Her sense of smell is very useful to avoid we get lost. She is so friendly so we can make new friends too.
She has a bag where she carried her favorite blanket and her snacks.
She will be my perfect sidekick just because she is my friend.

By: Xiomara Marin
7 Votes

By: kasia gala
8 Votes

By: Nadya Sabila Yasaro
1 Votes

This is mr. point. He is quite handy, as he pays attention to certain things. He carries a helmet with him, because he usually catches cold.

By: Larolina.ku
8 Votes

Roger is a brave little wolf always looking for new adventures around the world!

By: Claudio Naccari
9 Votes

No adventures will be as fun without Pon. Not only can he unicycle, he has the ability to crochet, cook , juggle and entertain me with geeky facts. Best sidekick a hero could wish for!

By: Angeline Yang
4 Votes

By: Lian Bronstein
4 Votes


  1. I'd take this guy as a sidekick any day!

  2. Nice job can I submit mine next week as usual

  3. Awesome stuff, is it still possibleforme to submit mine by next week??? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ^~^

  4. nice submissions

  5. @woohounicorn and @rexriley - unfortunately the Showcase ended on October 10th. We have more showcases coming up, so stay tuned for some more drawing challenges.

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