Draw Your Line

Draw Your Line

It's inevitable. We all have favorites. So why not draw us your favorite line from your favorite book.


Art by: andre

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By: Lena
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By: Carlos Moreno D
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By: Michael McNeive
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By: Rolf Schroeter
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By: Jackie D.
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By: flupdiwup
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By: Robert Bonaparte
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By: Caroline Collier
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By: Spencer Mann
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By: Yvonne Stewart
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By: Helen Macdonald
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By: may chan
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By: Christopher Rowland
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By: Liz
11 Votes

By: Alexandra Trizotto
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By: Jennifer Bowman
27 Votes

By: Joshua. Hernandez
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By: adrian paulsen
13 Votes

By: C M Carter
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By: Svenja B.
3 Votes

By: Horsey McBoo
31 Votes

By: nine nine
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By: Azreenchan
28 Votes

By: Doug Edwards
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By: Seagreenfield
23 Votes

By: Jim Bradshaw
38 Votes

By: Amy
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By: Kisan Bhat
8 Votes

By: Amit
12 Votes

By: lesya godfrey
23 Votes

By: teresita cruz
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By: Damian Lezama
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6 Votes

By: Muna Caroline
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By: Jenny
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By: Akoni Ingles
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  1. Look at it! up there all cool. even if i get votes no was the rush of this being my 1st time...submitting something of [i forgot the "A". jeeze louize.]

  2. even when there is time?

  3. I don't have a lot of time to draw most of the time let alone wait to post something. Maybe in the future I'll be a little more non rushed, non lacked of sleep, non stressed.

  4. I'm afraid I will get stuck at the choose-your-favourite-book step...

  5. @Elena: Yep, it's tough picking your favorite book. Maybe make it easier for yourself and just pick the one you'd most like to draw a scene from :)

  6. Am i being a doofus? Where's the deadline?!

  7. Scrap that. Just saw it on twitter.

  8. @Craig: Good catch, we forgot to put the deadline on this page. We'll be sure to add it soon, but for now you can countdown with us, right here:

  9. oh my god! I'll really do my best! I was intent to buy Drawn to life this days... but when i open the list... good lord! I'm an animator, this will be hard!!!

  10. wojowww I have the book in my head! lets start to draw :)

  11. Yeah, i then saw it on the showcase homepage too. My bad.

  12. When is the dead line for this competition?

  13. @bunny on homepage go to 'showcase'. On showcase page it has countdown underneath the picture

  14. i guess i botched up the translation but... too late. can't wait to see the other submissions!

  15. un point c'est tout !

  16. just to clarify - you are looking for handdrawn typography, not doodles, right?

  17. @Clara Actually we left it ambiguous on purpose because we were hoping it would get you guys to be spontaneous and creative. It can be topography it can be a scene... let your pen be your guide.:)

  18. Do you write down the line that you are illustrating?

  19. @Hugo cool! :) i like to work with no set rules

  20. I got my picture last night, hope you like!

  21. "Tea?" Claire indicated the flowered tray Tea, the poor man's Prozac "No, Thanks" -Blue Eyed Boy, Joanne Harris

  22. hey guys! i got mine up a few days ago! dance dance DAnce! IS MINE :)

  23. not to exited about my work :( and do you sir intend to travel without clothes? siddhartha - herman hesse cant wait to see y'all's work best of LVCK

  24. just submitted! :3

  25. Just uploaded mine. Hope the translation be right :)

  26. Just submitted mine, looking forward to seeing evryone's later on.

  27. picked and opened book randomly. german, sorry...

  28. smh...wanted to submit, but i'm just too freakin' busy. Can't wait to see what everyone came up with. This is a cool challenge.

  29. I have to say, you guys absolutely ROCKED this challenge. It has taken me a while just to read each line and look at all the detail that went into each submission - FUN FUN FUN. It was also cool to see your wicked visions of some of those lines/scenes. You've made my day! :)

  30. Fun contest to vote for favs. Thanks to @twitter! Nice work all!

  31. Just made the deadline with an hour to spare. An hour to do the doodle and another to get this to a shop to get it scanned.

  32. wow, so many great doodles! :)

  33. Ok I have a huge problem : too much great artworks here so too much favs ! I can't make a choice ! Congrats to everyone (so much I want to read now and so much I want to read again)

  34. Congratulations everyone. So many good pieces to choose from. :)

  35. thanks! this was my first contest here + i had fun. i can't wait to see the next theme! hopefully next time i give myself some more time to work :)

  36. @lesya godfrey, me too im addicted do doodling , addicted to DA showcase :D

  37. these are amazing! haha very inspiring!

  38. Lord of the Flies is my fav too. This doodle packs a huge punch. Congrats to all showcase submissions.

  39. SHOWCASE No.3 theme?? hm... :D

  40. awesomeness -- fun stuff!

  41. Awesome!!!! AZAH AZREEN~ (^_^) that really wonderful CREATION!

  42. Woooowwww....So many masters....I'm just a pupil. I hope to do better in the future.

  43. Can't wait for the third theme! To those of you that gave mine 22 favs, thanks a bunch! Didn't expect that many.

  44. gosh, im so angry i forgot to upload... busy days... but im totes doin it again next time. yeeeeeeeah BOY.

  45. awwww.... i just joined yesterday and found out about this...i missed the deadline... i drew a line anyway though cant submit. no matter, next time. good luck to all!!! :)

  46. Well, this sucks. Nobody liked mine... Congratulations to everyone, anyway.

  47. Amazing works!!!

  48. Woohoo, so many great entries! I don't think I deserved to win, but I'm happy I did :P Thanks for the votes!

  49. like them :)

  50. these are absolutely ... AWESOME !!!! xD

  51. "Liz"'s is my favorite :))

  52. Akoni Ingles a very deep statement about the loss of a love weather in relationship or for an eternity of a lifetime is an intense RAW emotion. How does one quit feeling? How does the emptiness fill. I love this statement. Thank You, thank you................................:( EXTREME SADNESS

  53. this is super yee-haw

  54. Is it a popular choice to doodle in a novel

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