Draw Your Guide

Draw Your Guide

This showcase challenge is all about the faces that led you places. The person or character who acted as your personal guide, from white-water adventure tours to Dude Ranch cowboys. From navigating the Amazon river with you to an intergalactic alien giving a tour of our galaxy. Our tour guides are sometimes as entertaining and memorable as the locations that we visit. In this task we ask that you draw your guide - real or imaginary. The only condition for this challenge is that you draw, illustrate or mock up your artwork in our provided template of a photo album. So, get on it. Get to it. And bring this scrapbook page to life.



Meet Chris, a 30 year old fashion forward hipster hippie tourist guide. He was my guide during my trip to Costa Rica and besides being a local fashion icon, he was an amazing guide. His father was Dutch and her mother Mexican, that's the reason why he spoke perfect english and spanish. Thank for the adventure Chris! I'm never gonna forget that trip!

Art by: scolaalmeida

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In this illustration I imagined myself in place where I was sitting face to face with my own spiritual guide. I imagine this man teaching me how to see all the good things in life and how to appreciate all I've been given.

By: Lyanne Febo
11 Votes

Lalin the Moon Princess

By: Rhiannon Blackshaw
4 Votes

We will always fondly remember our french tour guide during our trip to Paris back in 2007. He showed us all the best places to take long naps and bury delicious bones. It was an odd tour, but fun nonetheless. ;-)

By: Valerie K Jauma
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After Lukas studied for an half year in hungary, we started to travel around - try hungarian food - to speak with native - to exploren local art - try to understand the culture. My sketchbook always with me because we are afraid to forget our memory.

his was an intensive time. thank you for everything.

By: Jasmin Blume
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By: Kris Karlson
8 Votes

Imaginary guide that brings me to travel around places that I would wish to visit.

By: Chan Yi Jun
2 Votes

Otaku, my spiritual multipotentialite guru.

By: Elan Hi
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At twenty years old, I still find myself following my mums guidance like a lost sheep at times. She taught me to day dream, make up stories in my own little world, play in the sand, talk to myself and above all do the things I love most in life. She is a real treasure, and I am looking forward to where she leads me next. 
Shout all to all the mothers! 
...And Tom Bihn backpacks!! :D

By: Kayla Archer
13 Votes

By: Brenda Merino
3 Votes

The Dinasour Dude is driving car to the his favourite seaside.

By: Ahmet Ozcan
18 Votes

Travelling alone is a little challenge but listen to that inner voice, mine in the form of a dog i'll love to call Rokki, who always deviate from beaten path.

By: leong ming siew
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By: Anuja Pants
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By: Denz Galvez
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This is Dr. Will Derness. Expert at all things out of doors.

By: Jeff Dowdy
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Mijalis was the capitan of a boat in Greece and he took me and my bf to a complete day trough the sea. 
We saw dolphins for the first time, ate the best greek salad, drank rakı nonstop and my boyfriend drove the boat for an hour. 
He was the host of my best day doing tourism EVER.

By: Seelvana Baylac
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By: Aya Kaufmann
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My husband I went on an Icelandic Adventure. For days and days we didn't see anyone. Just hiking - seeing waterfalls - glaciers - and the famous gorgeous Icelandic horses. He was my guide and I was his. Truly a stunning landscape.

By: Natalie Cooperman
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This is Behemoth, a gentleman ancient cat-like spirit, guiding travelers all over Europe. His favorite spots are industrial major hubs, such as Liverpool, Munich, Vienna, Krakow. He's not very sociable, but he will have your back in any crowded place or narrow street.

By: sorina
16 Votes

The guide of a postapocalyptic botanical park.

By: florencia pernicone
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This is Squidcat. We have raided Catnipia mines. Now he is exploring the outer realms with my son.

By: Sean Gallagher
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My guide is my grandfather; wanderer, dreamer, teacher. He showed me that travel is never limited to the world around us nor is it only limited to the reaches of the mind; it is a beautiful mix of both. My drawing reminds me of trips we took and places we dreamed about, sometimes the lines between them are blurred in the best way.

By: Bradley Woody
9 Votes

My mum has been, and always will be, my guide.

By: Chynna Ang
8 Votes

This is Corrie, the space dog whose will guide you through all stars and galaxy. You will find and solve all mysterious in universe with help from Corrie.

By: Ek
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This is Willy, the lead horse from the dude ranch. He never left the barn without his mask and stogie.

By: Judy Decker
7 Votes

My guide to different dimensions. He often tells the wrong direction, but his wrong directions always leads to right and the most amazing places!

By: Raminta Maivyda
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Here is my sea slug guide…. contribution to Draw Your Guide. 

Greetings and i hope to be lucky…

David Albarrán

By: David Albarrán
8 Votes

Fey like dreaming , her dream is go around traveling everwhere with her rocket.

By: Voon Poh Yin
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By: Emmanuel Muñiz
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By: raphael ferraz
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By: Mariana Ramírez
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Intergalactic Spirit Guide

By: Carmen Hickson
6 Votes

My little 'Pig on the Wing'......

By: JA Hale
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The man that not only helped me through the hard times. But also taught me that its okay to laugh through them.

a true Inspiration.

By: aaron cushley
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By: Cam
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Childhood guide and friend. 


By: Omaar
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An illustration of our guide through the little-known, tropical suburbs of Greece. We paid the man - but it was really the dog that showed us most of the way.

By: bobbi rae gastall
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Paul Rosolie and his book Mother of God inching me closer to the wonders of Amazonia and guiding me and my earnest passion to explore the wilderness on the other side of the globe.

By: Namrata Toraskar
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My entry illustrates a tuk-tuk driver I had in Cambodia who shared with me an unexpected perspective of what life was like in his country. We seemed to keep finding each other during my visit. He became my personal tour guide.

By: Mike Durkee
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By: Chiara Sonda
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By: Jujka
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A friendly elderly fellow whose facts regarding the height and age of Mt Vesuvius became even harder to interpret once filtered through his Italian-mountain-man beard. Eventually his guidance was more of an appreciation for his established character rather than any knowledge of the dormant volcano itself.

By: Grace Fraraccio
6 Votes

Well, nothing to say.

By: Peter Ferlan
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By: zoala
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