Draw Your Dream Class

Draw Your Dream Class

Close your eyes, hop on our big, yellow imaginary bus, and let's doodle our way back to high school. For showcase challenge #20, we invite you to draw the book cover from a class you wish you could have taken in high school. But we're not looking for ordinary classes - make one up! Have fun with it, and show us why your creativity and drawing skills deserve an A. We're excited to see what you come up with!


...mmm yeah, I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

Art by: drawn_cotton

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By: Maki Kawakami
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My favorite subject has been history throughout schooling, even ancient history...really really ancient history.

By: Nicole Coumes
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How DO you succeed as an artist? By being confident and happy with your results! THAT would have been a good class in high school.

By: V. Thompson
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Entry for DA Challenge #20.

The class I wish was available is Oneirology. This is dream study, and since I have such weird dreams almost nightly, I would love to know what they mean! (And no, I would not like to sleep in class...I loved school!)

By: tatty molly
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By: Pete Herrera 3
11 Votes

cats class

By: Efi Theodoropoulou
23 Votes

in high school i always wanted a magic class i was a huge fan of harry potter and lord of the rings. so when i saw this contest i was like perfect i always wanted a dark magic class in high school. i always thought it would be the best class. 
in this piece i used water color,markers,and pencil

By: Broc a. mijares
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By: Kyle Coughlin
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I've gone from childhood home to strange new house to college dorm room to off-campus apartment. I've traveled and lived abroad in multiple countries. I've moved from one coast to the other. I really wish someone had taught me how to keep it simple and carry less.

By: Booki
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You're go-to guide on

By: Cat Lacey
2 Votes

I am kinda afraid of drawing into templates - I would surely mess up. So I cut out a hole in the template and made a bit of a collage. Hope it's ok :D


By: Borut Petkovsek
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By: Chelsea Lynn Mattson
21 Votes

This is a book of Intensive Series of dream classes. One of them being learning to camouflage in society, trends, animals and social events with animals or otherwise. First submission btw! Here we go!

By: Lina Castaneda
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By: Renee Martinez
42 Votes

If I could turned back time, I would like to took music class,especially for classical guitar. I think music, doodling, and drawing are good for my soul :D

By: Gavril
5 Votes

Darwin would be so proud!

By: Jackson
9 Votes

a class about how to drive a UFO!

By: Pei Ru Chen
5 Votes

Rock and Roll History baby!

By: Jime Alena Wimmer
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it's a Mathematic plus Magic! it is so fun! can't wait for the class!!yippeee

By: Dhea Fitria Juhara
4 Votes

Loved medieval stuff as a kid.  Thought it'd be funny to see one tailored to girls.  (Note the huge pink cute-sticker-coated mace on the spine.  Because that's what a woman with battle gear needs...right?)

By: mica angela hendricks
60 Votes

Hand-drawn with a sharpie and hand-colored with watercolors.

By: jlbandeen
12 Votes

I have chosen to submit a fox obedience class as my dream class.... because I love foxes.

By: Emily Haines
5 Votes

This is a prerequisite class for all basketball aficionados. Learn how to motivate your team, give in-game interviews, rest star players and more. Wine list included.

By: Jeff Dowdy
10 Votes

This is ONE class I totally would have stayed awake for!!!

By: Misty Adams
14 Votes

As a current junior in high school, I wish had this class. Teaching you all there is to know about fictional characters, whether it be in film, t.v., or books, what could be better? Not only would you get to show off some serious trivia skills, but you would get to discover interesting characters you have never heard of. This class would be great for readers, film enthusiasts, and slackers a like. Maybe you would even get to discover what kind of character you are.

By: B
11 Votes

My dream class? Definitely need to know how to build a TIME MACHINE.


To talk to some wise old men in the history, to change the past, to explore the old world.

To see what will happen in the future...

By: Aurelia Liele
64 Votes

Biology class in my dreams

By: Jackie
27 Votes

I think i'm not the only one hahaha (._.)v

By: diyah wardany
4 Votes

What can I say, I'm a dude, and this got me thinking like a high school dude. Tastefully censored for all audiences. (Please don't suspend me.)

By: Jeff Berry
12 Votes

Join us as we discover the amazing world of Magic Carpets!  From the historical origins of this ancient craft, to the science behind the magic, we will lead you step by step to mastering the art of weaving.  Why weave through traffic when you can weave your own carpet?

By: Kat Gopez
37 Votes

By: Andreas Art
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By: Will White
16 Votes

By: Deepa
6 Votes

When Doodlers Anonymous asked for

By: Leah Lucci
15 Votes

Darts and balloons full of paint, a fun way to mix colours!

By: Milly Palmer
3 Votes

KITES 101: design, construction and flying

By: Dana Carey
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By: S.Grant
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By: Jessica R
16 Votes

The name of my dream class: HOW TO RELAX. 

Statistics show that 90% of visits to medical doctors are directly or indirectly related to stress. 90%! 

It's a fact that might be a bit hard to believe, but not all that difficult to imagine. Stress is a killer. And with all the stuff that's constantly going on around us, it's hard not to get stressed out... 

We need to play Angry Pigs, go skydiving with our umbrellas, ride up a whale's waterspout to meet our friends, drive a helicopter to deliver that message to our lover, and so much more on a daily basis. 

When was the last time you took time off to just relax, and sit in a corner doing nothing? 

It may be hard to believe, but most people don't even know HOW to relax. And it's definitely something I wish they taught us in school... 

My doodle entry for my dream class reflects this concept. While everyone, everywhere is constantly busy all around them, sometimes it's good just to take a break and relax in an empty corner, and renew and recover ourselves. 

This is reflected in the doodle by the person relaxing peacefully under a tree. Simply, quietly, in one small secluded corner, while the small and gentle words mention,

By: Daniel Dou
61 Votes

I taught myself how to bind books and I love old medieval manuscripts and such so drawing a book about how to make books seemed like the best thing to do! I just love books!!

By: Willa Johnson
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By: Ash Nieuwenhuizen
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By: One-Eyed Pak
11 Votes


  1. i hope i'll be the winner but im indonesian. doesnt matter if i dont get the prize, i just need the appreciation from others! :)

  2. Hello, just wondering what the copyright is on the template. I did a dream class drawing for the submission,...and then read the directions and realized I couldn't use the computer to digitally color. Since I can't use it for the contest, I was going to submit it to my school newspaper's cartoons. Do I need to draw my illustration inside a new book or can I use the one you provided? Thanks :)

  3. just entered my piece i really like this subject. it was really fun to do !!!! i hope i win that would make my year awsome !!!! lol

  4. Just submitted my entry. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's work... :) Cheers!

  5. This is my first attempt to participate in a showcase, can anyone give some more specific instructions? Such as what is the size of the paper I can use? And how do I transfer my doodle to the contest??

  6. done!that was really fuuuuunnn!!!!!! Can't wait for the next showcase!!!

  7. I'm very sad. And also obviously someone who needs to pay better attention to detail. Missed the deadline by an hour! Different time zone NOT for the win! But I enjoyed voting.

  8. There are SO good!

  9. Hi Mia J, You could use any standard size paper I guess. Probably Letter or A4? Hope you managed to get that sorted out before the deadline. :O

  10. Sorry to hear that Jessica R. :( Yeah, the timezone thing is definitely a pain sometimes... Missing a deadline is definitely not fun. Especially with all the work and effort put into it, but I guess can't be helped. Hope you manage to join the next showcase. :) Looking forward to seeing your work!

  11. Lots of great stuff in here. Great job everyone!

  12. @jessica - Hugo from DA here. We just emailed you regarding your submission. Check your email!

  13. Whoops. Made a mistake. I didn't read the instruction about not using computer help. Sorry!

  14. Doodlers, I can express enough how grateful I am to b able to be a part of this DA experience. Love the site, love the submissions - thanks to everybody that contributes. Plus I got 3 favs - can die happy now :D

  15. @Borut - Glad to be able to experience your art too! Yeah! Keep up the great work.

  16. Missed the deadline for this :/ I will enjoy voting though :)

  17. Dhea (with the Mathemagic book) you know thats an old kids disney movie right? Donald Duck in Mathemagicland? Youtube it if you havent seen it, its an amazingly fun 20 min of your life!

  18. These are fun. I would say though that unless your title is a pun, make sure your spelling is correct.

  19. i cant help but point out the fact that some of these submissions obviously had some computer help :/

  20. The best submissions have the least amount of Likes. O-O whyyyy?

  21. cant you draw the cover on the computer..?

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