Draw Your Destination

Draw Your Destination

Imagine being given a passport to travel anywhere you like, real or just in your imagination. Now simply draw it for us all to see. The destination is open for you to define as you wish. It could be as nearby as your local street market or as distant as planet Venus.


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By: Lisa Bruch
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By: Saz Evers
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By: Nata Metlukh
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By: Jenny
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By: russ
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By: Rikke Nilsson
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By: flupdiwup
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7 Votes

By: gillian toothill
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By: mmlkj
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By: hoshibana sakabe
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By: La cuenta cuentos
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By: Lauren Hodges
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By: Lux Etoile
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By: Svenja B.
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By: Jackie D.
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By: tooie
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By: Joseph Pielichaty
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By: karen chesley
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By: Jenni Sparks
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By: mesilane
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By: SaltySea
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By: Beegirl
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By: L. D. Erickson
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By: stacey oldham
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By: Terry Horn
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By: Nish
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By: Nadja Helena
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By: Painterchic
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By: Rolf Schroeter
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By: ellie
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By: Christine Rojas
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  1. KoKoLand!

  2. i´m already 8300km away from home. may be i should draw mum and dad...

  3. oh my.. SO excited!! it's so perfect to take on travels ^_^

  4. Submitted! I'm excited! That would be so awesome to take everywhere, not just on trips!

  5. ooh, how cool is that notebook! Can't wait to see what everyone has come up with, its such an open brief!

  6. hmm..Kokomo? ;)

  7. I forget to write the name of the country, dup. Anyway, I wrote it with Photoshop, I think that won't be a problem :)

  8. let's hope there are Doctor Who fans here, who get the joke. Amusing you would be worth twelve notebooks to me :)

  9. Drawing for drawing apparatus.

  10. submitted. could not decide, so i scrawled multiple options.

  11. Submitted for the first time on doodlersanonymous. It is such a nice little brief. I hope everyone has enjoyed their scrawled adventures and remembered to take their passports.

  12. Joseph, your cloud clippings are an instant fave. Brilliant! i'll trade my destination for yours :) Do you know the artist, illustrator and author Keri Smith? She'd love your work! Good luck out there in the real world (i recently graduated, too)

  13. So happy somebody else did Alaska. :)

  14. see how much I need to get away? My word 'relax' is backwards, duh. Oh well, c'est la vie. Good luck y'all, nice work. Always fun to see the imaginations at work here

  15. Hello Clara, thanks so much that's very kind of you! Glad you like them. I have a habit of cutting out blue skies when I am stuck in a rut and stressed with work... It's my way of escaping to all the beautiful places without ever leaving my study : ) I will certianly check out Keri Smith too. Thanks for the recommendation! Well done for graduating! Hope you are enjoying time after studies! J

  16. Alaska. :)

  17. Man, i wish i wasn't too busy this week to doodle my destination... next time, next showcase.

  18. too late again. great doodles, was hard to decide... want vacation now.

  19. sigh.. im totally with you on that one, Carter. reeeally wanted to do this one. can't wait for the next one ^^

  20. All of these are awesome.

  21. I bet belinda suzette's gonna win this one. But I might be wrong. still, good luck to everyone!

  22. I am in love with Alaska!

  23. Makes me want to be anywhere but here! Good luck!

  24. thanks for all compliments and votes, i didn't expect to have so many votes ! i'm happy of that !

  25. gracias por el post!! doodlers!!

  26. Great stuff.I ike this showcase thing!

  27. I'm new to DA, loved this page.

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