Draw A Stranger

Draw A Stranger

People-watching. It's one of those things that everyone does, but not everyone wants to admit. For our latest showcase challenge, we're going to put those observational skills to the test by prompting you to draw a total stranger in a public place. Any human that crosses your path will do - a stranger in a coffee shop, a sleeper on the train, or that lady who walks past your house everyday with like, four shih tzu's. Simply pick a person, grab a pencil, and do your thing! As always, the more details the better (city, time, place, etc.) and if you're feeling particularly adventurous, dare we suggest introducing yourself to this person with your masterpiece in hand.


  • No templates or boundaries: You've got free-range of your sketchbook for this one!
  • At Doodlers Anonymous we champion the hand-drawn, however digital drawings will also be accepted
  • Feel free to use color, and whatever art supplies you can fit in your bag when you set foot into the battlefield
  • We'd love to hear details about your experience with the challenge (who, when, where, etc.) either included in the artwork, or in the caption when submitting
  • To be accepted, all submissions MUST be uploaded as a JPG image (no larger than 3mb) for voting
  • Upload your best, because you only get ONE submission
  • One winner will be chosen from the top 15 voted submissions
  • During the voting period, any fake votes that we discover will be deemed invalid
  • This showcase is open to all (International and U.S. residents)

DEADLINE: June 23rd @ 3pm EST


The winner of the "Draw A Stranger" challenge will recieve:

  • Vol. 4 of the DA Coloring Book: A worldwide collaboration of doodles and drawings created by various artists for your coloring pleasure. 
  • 1 Doodle Addict Sketchbook: This 100% recycled sketchbook is tiny enough to carry with you wherever you go, yet big enough to handle your wildest doodle binge. 
  • "The Doodle Is Good For Your Noodle" Tote Bag: Last but not least, a way to carry all of your supplies around with you while telling the world "Hey. I'm a badass, AND I've got artistic abilities." 

Good Luck, Doodle Addicts and have a blast! 

All Submissions (30)

"Drawn on the patio of the Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV."

Art by: jambetta

22 Faves
"I sat behind this guy in France for 45 minutes and he never knew I was drawing him."

Art by: globalgerbil

13 Faves
"As I take a train to work every day, I always get fascinated by a diversity of people that come together for a brief moment of a train ride. Everyone is going to his/her own destination, but we are all riding the same train, metaphorically speaking .."

Art by: Lotta

34 Faves
"A stranger I fall in love with! Well, we were strangers when we first met! It’s a story about a stranger who became a part of my life, or should I say became the reason of my existence? In one wintry morning I came across a boy in our library. Although the nature was pale & insipid but mine became radiant & endearing! I felt something in my heart for him; I didn't know if it was love or not, but it was something that I became attached to! The colors represent my indelible memory seeing him! This is my special tale with that unknown person who went on to redefine my life!"

Art by: Swarnadey

4 Faves

Art by: lisegoossens

20 Faves
"Sketching while having tea. I sketched her because I love her blouse and I'm a bit fascinated at how she keeps looking at her phone."

Art by: tesstermulo

16 Faves
"As an urban sketcher, I carry a sketchbook and pen with me all the time and often find myself drawing strangers in the subway. Choosing someone who will sit still long enough to capture a nice image is an art in itself. The sketches don't always turn out great, but I lucked out with this one : he was fully absorbed reading his book."


28 Faves
13 Faves
"page from a sketchbook dedicated to strangers that live on the streets"

Art by: mariab

21 Faves
"I was having yummy sourdough toast and coffee. I had my sketchbook with me. I was prompted to start sketching. I tried not to stare too hard. Hope the girl at the counter didn't find me too weird."

Art by: AYXY

14 Faves
"Cafe regular"

Art by: Spontoonist

23 Faves
"This doodled Dood was sitting across from me in Trident Cafe in Boulder, CO. My partner and I are spending a week visiting family in town and decided to take a morning off from scorching hot hiking to just hang out and drink coffee. I had just finished "After Death" by Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire and was inspired by Lemire's lines and water colors, so I tried to see this doodle through that lens. I finished him off with a few of the pens that my partner got me for my B-day; I like to think he would fit in among Snyder and Lemire's post-death world in some apocalyptic cafe."

Art by: Lackeydennis

4 Faves
"Quick sketch of a woman sleeping on the train in Genova, Italia. I was back home for some time and I went around the city sketching strangers...'cause that's what you do, isn't it? :D Anyway, the woman knew I was sketching her, just it seems she didn't care at all. Loved her shirt."

Art by: maettina

24 Faves
"i brought my sketchbook to weightlifting competition my daughter was competing in. i did a quick sketch of this guy bench pressing. My daughter dead lift 280 lbs. im very proud"

Art by: rexriley

3 Faves
"I drew a bunch of strangers while at jury duty last week at the Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn."

Art by: enoogs

45 Faves
"Taking time to read: doodle of a lady sitting opposite reading on the train. Anecdote: I sneezed and she said 'bless you'."

Art by: jethro

11 Faves
"I kinda wanted to meet this fellow, so I showed him the sketch after I finished. He gave me his name, but darn it, I forgot what it is. I'll have to go back to the cafe and hopefully run into him again."
23 Faves
"A doodle done on my train commute into London."

Art by: Ianbangs

32 Faves
"Spotted in Chelsea (The proportions are not exaggerated!)"

Art by: jkroik

49 Faves

Art by: Aruna

5 Faves
"This is a young girl who I saw in the hotel where I work at on Thursday evening (22.06). She is a random tourist. I've made the sketch in pencil first and then i redid it in Photoshop."

Art by: lilianeykina

11 Faves

Art by: Nonuneev

8 Faves
"I ride buses and trains everyday. Because I have a low threshold of boredom, I draw strangers everyday. Sometimes, several strangers end up on the same page. I always start drawing with pens, add to the drawing with Caran D'Ache water soluble crayons, then sometimes, watercolor and gouache. And yes, I carry those things in the back pack with me."

Art by: plambermont

29 Faves
"This was on a train in Italy. I was afraid to look this person in the face, so drew all around him, everywhere but. I know that he knew I was drawing him..when we reached our station, I showed him as we got off. He said, "At least I'm not ugly!""

Art by: MKeith

15 Faves
"A pretty teen getting her pic taken in the park, she had a cute dress on and I just glammed her up back in the studio...hand-drawn - pencil and gouache."

Art by: liagrey

13 Faves
"Taryn. Not exactly a stranger, in fact she later told me she was actually in a stinky mood. Still rivers run deep, I suppose."
21 Faves
"brick lane in london is a favourite spot to grab a whiskey coke and capture the unknowing hipsters flying by. Great bagels too. ;) tend to pick up one or two colours that stand out to me and leave the rest colourless...this guy had pretty awsome hair."

Art by: Doodlebug123

13 Faves
"Teurastamo is a nice area in Helsinki Kalasatama (also metro station name) filled with urban city culture, street food, bars and many happenings. Teurastamo means Buthcer and the area has formerly – from year 1933 – served as department of slaughterhouses. From year 2012 the area has offered a hang around place for the citizens. In summertime there is free happenings with live music. It is a real summer living room and backyard. There is a possibility to grill your own food, repair a bike and sauna for rent. Just to mention few things. This little fellow was seen in a starter happening of summer season. Hanging with his parents around the barrels. A true summer boy with his wild curly hair and bright coloured clothes. It starts to feel like summer, right!"

Art by: zonzon

3 Faves
"Washington Square. New York City."

Art by: faux post

44 Faves
"a guitar player waiting in front of the liquor store"

Art by: dotunfolded

38 Faves


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