Doodle Your Journey

Doodle Your Journey

Summer is for travel: for flip-flops on bike pedals; for street performers on cobblestone; for cafe's and gelato; and for the sea and sand. Summer is for movement: for the open road; for catching a train, hopping on a bus, and running through airport terminals. In this challenge we ask that you doodle your journey - your summer adventure - one that has happened, will happen, or that you dream of happening. The only condition to this challenge is that you place the following travel bag within a drawn scene of your journey as you zip through crowds, grab a seat, and navigate new places. So, get on it. Get to it. And go... Doodle wherever summer leads you.

Tom Bihn Drawing Challenge Instructions


Late at the port...

Art by: Apoken

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When prompted to doodle my summer journey, I had trouble picturing just one scene or idea. My mind rambled, “Six Flags is a blast, oh but the beach is beautiful, NYC is my dream city, books are awesome, I wonder how many pounds of ice cream I’ll consume, blah, blah, blah...” So I’ve come to conclude that ultimately, my summer journey is wherever my mind wanders – often in the form of pen on paper.

By: Emma Gawronski
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This is our plan! Road trip, camping and dog - what else?

By: Aafke Mertens
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By: Nicole Goh
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Summer Dreaming with Tom Bihn.

By: Marcey Manning
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So I talk to my belongings..I think they last longer and cooperate much more! :p and that's my journey from where I work (Mumbai) to home which is Delhi. I take a rickshaw then switch to the bus and finally the airport..the view is mostly traffic which I observe while munching on my sandwich. So here's my take on that! (:

By: Gurpreet Bedi
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By the fountains in Romania!

By: Diana
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Traveling on transportation takes one to various places. Bags are always a must on a any trip thus it was my focus.

By: Katherine Arakkal
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One summer we were camping on the Ocean Grove Spit. One afternoon I stayed in the tent and had a sleep while my family went to the beach. This is what they told me they did while they were there

By: Robyn Finlay
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My family visited Gatlinburg, TN. It's sits right at the edge of the Smokies. The National Park was absolutely amazing and beautiful. We saw synchronous fireflies, running streams, elk, bears, and the most gorgeous views. Gatlinburg, on the other hand is like Branson on crack! It's streets are wall to wall people and its entertainment includes the likes of Ripley's believe it or not, Guiness Book of World Records museum (enter the tallest man in the world, Robert Wadlow), concrete yard art stores, painted saw blades, and all the kitsch you could ever imagine. It was the best of both worlds!!

By: Kara Mitchell
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The Park of Monsters, Bomarzo Italy

By: Jake Felton
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I arrived in Taiwan this week and so far I've been to the Houtong Cat Village and the town of Jui fen which was an inspiration for Miyazaki's Spirited Away. I wanted to incorporate these places into my drawing and in the end drew the cats I met at Houtong in my hand luggage being scanned at the airport security X-ray machine.

By: Annette Fernando
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Drawn with Rapidiograph pen and ink.

By: Joan Miron
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This is a doodle that shows my summers during various places that I've lived. By following the staircase path, it shows the three places: Edmonton (signified by West Edmonton Mall), Toronto (signified by CN Tower), and New York City (signified by the statue of liberty). The pictures around the places that I've lived in are either places I went during the summer(s) of when I lived in the corresponding place, significant things that happened in the summer, or changes that I've experienced that summer. 

Laptop- It's place is between Edmonton and Toronto. This was because it was my first laptop, and I also got it in the summer that I was moving to Toronto.
Glasses: Near the foot of CN Tower, there is a pair of glasses. It was in Toronto that I first got glasses, and glasses no doubt has changed my life.
Books: There are two

By: Vicky
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Hills overlooking from the balcony and my travel bag with art material

By: jyoti gupta
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This summer while travelling in Dharamashala and accidentally stumbling into the most beautiful Korean food cafe, Cafe Ri. I wish I had the Tom Bihn bag to make the walk through the mountains a breeze. :D

By: Ketki Jadhav
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By: Matthew York
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This is my summer journey where i discovered the clarity of future and uncertainty of present. The colourful bag symbolizes all the lessons and memories gained during the journey. 
I am AISH, and i am doodle addict.

By: Aishwarya krishnan
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i have no holiday plan for this season since i have much things to do.. so i decide to explore my own city.. and wondered by so many great place I found in Surabaya - East Java- Indonesia

By: Novita Helviana
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barefoot wanderlust

By: marcela velez
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On the 16th of August it will be my 17th birthday, in which I am celebrating in this picture. Also in this picture it is raining flowers, why? Because in my imagination it can!

By: Georgia Hough
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While traveling in Veracruz, Mexico.

By: Nicolas Luna
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By: Brenda Meade
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Time is all that matters to the Japanese peeps. Even though on stake is an awesome bag, which I try to hold on to while in a kung-fu pose with my leg on the face of the fellow, bored passenger.

By: Pallavi Samodia
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I'm visiting Taiwan this summer. One of the things I'm most looking forward to is going up Elephant Mountain for the gorgeous view of Taipei and the 101 tower that I've seen so many times in photos.

By: Henry
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Summer is always better in the Caribbean
Favorite place is Bocas del Toro

By: Mariery Young
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A travel doodle for a mouthful of a travel. A journey away from the scorching heat to the clouds of the mountains of Wellington (India). 

p.s.- the phrase drishti(written in Hindi in the doodle) bomai is a Tamil word for a symbol used to ward off evil. it is commonly used by the localities on the doors of their homes.

By: Nikyta Dhiman
5 Votes

Terminal 2 - SFO

By: Dan Bransfield
14 Votes

Ink on Paper,
For the Adventurers, the Explorers, The Travellers.

By: Hannah Schultz
32 Votes

San Francisco Trip

By: Hajar Moradi
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I doodled my trip to Big Sur, California in June 2015.

By: Jenn Delfs
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By: stan
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A doodle from a recent family holiday to Mijas in the South of Spain :)

18 Votes

By: Anita Nemes
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This picture shows how a girl found a magic travel bag that can take her to places, like Washington, D.C. in the picture.

By: Katrina F.
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Dreamed Vacation would be stuck on one of the 19 Islands for a whole summer, laying on the sand under the sun, playing near a bonfire by night but surfing by day!!! :)

By: Rachelline Centomo
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My summer adventure has and also will be in the great outdoors.

By: Fionna Tam
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By: Mayumi C. Ablang
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Travel naughty moods. Every journey begins with a smile. Every journey ends with a smile.

By: SiennyLovesDrawing
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Summer trip to Zimbabwe's Bakorenhema Children's Center near Mutare!!!

By: chantal smedbol
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Dorothea likes the sea,
under water she feels free.

By: Lili
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I saw Little Red Riding Hood at the Airport...she had a most interesting Carry-On...Something tells me Grandpa is going to get a new furry hat.

By: Jime Alena Wimmer
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By: Aixa Alvarez
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By: Sarah Raw
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By: Si, ma però
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By: Regi B
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My trip to Myanmar.

By: Don Low
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I'd like to travel under the sea.
to see the fish ,the Whale and all the beautiful thing.
in the end ,watch the sunset and the fireworks on the Water surface.

By: 塵粒群
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This is the dream journey of me and my mischievous dog, Max!  We imagine traveling to London for tea time with the Queen! :)

By: Valerie K Jauma
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Waiting for the Xypher train to arrive in Denver to take it to San Francisco. 32 hours on the train, a tad too long, but the scenery outside the windows! WOW!

By: MaryAnn Connelly
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By: Sarah maddox
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I want to travel to the delicious and delightful land of yarn at any time.

By: Jane Reiter
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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to submit a picture for Showcase #22.  This is an image drawn from life here in South Korea.  It's pen and ink on white paper.  I can submit a b/w version if needed.  The thing was that I photographed it as the sun was setting and the light created this interesting tone.  Zoom in, of course, to get the details.  The whole picture looks less interesting as a thumbnail than a small piece of it!
Thanks for looking at my work.


By: T.Visco
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At the airport checking our illustrated travel bag

By: laulauenlaseuatinta
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This summer I will flee impending doom brought on by black holes in space, but first I have to catch my Aeronaut bag!

By: Tara Varela
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Together again in Europe. The only thing that came between them was skin.

By: Trevor Romain
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Goot!!  Get.out.of.Town!!

By: oshi white
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By: Ria Neunuebel
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I love visiting NY...this piece is called

By: jlbandeen
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I have been reading a Hundertwasser text called the garden gnome where he says the garden gnome is a reminder of how we used to talk to the grass and the birds and we no longer know how. 

The travel theme made me think about the film Amelie and how she convinces her father to travel the world by stealing his garden gnome and having a friend send postcards with the gnome around the world. 

I dream of traveling around speaking to the birds and the grass and the people and I'd love to send my friends postcards with a funny -yet deep- character that goes around   clothed with whatever he finds in his journey.

By: Federico
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This drawing took place in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. During my last summer, I had drawn this illustration seduce by the side walk of ipanema in all the way aside the beach.

By: Leo 1000y
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The Aeronaut 30 finds space even in the madness of a bus ride in Sri Lanka, amidst various sights and objects I encountered during my trip there this May.

Hi, I'm Varun; Illustration student based in Coventry, United Kingdom. This is the Aeronaut 30, my (future?) companion in traversing this crazy little world.

By: Varun Jyothykumar
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Inspired by a big trip that took place in 2010, from Vancouver to Seattle, LA, Fiji, NZ, Singapore to France :)

By: Cynthia Bataille
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By: Spejsmejker
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By: Jeff Dowdy
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  1. I forgot to tell where my trip was to, I went to Cusco for my dad's b-day and I was absolutely astounded by the landscapes, this is one of the many landscapes we were lucky to drive through :)

  2. The prize can be deliver to Colombia? Thanks!

  3. how do you share this on Facebook?

  4. i'm kind of worried that you can't see the entire image...should i resubmit it? thanks!

  5. Great job and good luck everyone!

  6. Why has my submission been rejected ? I can't find it.

  7. I mean why has my picture been rejected ? I thought there were no rules except for showing the suitcase.

  8. I can´t find the way to submit my picture! can someone tell me how, please?

  9. I can´t find the way to submit my picture! can someone tell me how, please?

  10. Love the one from Fionna Tam :) Congratulations and good luck!

  11. Please, I can not upload photos. Please tell me how to upload photos to me. Help me. ^~^?????


  13. Amazing everyone!

  14. So hard to choose. Congrats to all the wonderful artists who submitted their drawings.

  15. Thanks Regi B :) It means a lot. There's so much great talent here, I didn't really expect to get anywhere. Best of luck to everyone!

  16. Great contest!! Luck to everyone, they are all great!!

  17. Well done everyone nice shit all around....

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