Doodle Our Wall

Doodle Our Wall

Blik, the world's first removable wall graphic company, is teaming up with Doodlers Anonymous for this next big showcase and we are jumping up and down because of it. But take note: This challenge is a sticky one!

Have you ever wanted to go crazy on your wall with a fat marker? Well, here's your chance. Our wall is your canvas. Just download the hi res image of our studio (provided below) and place your artwork on it. The winning drawing will be turned into a wall decal to be sold as a 100-piece limited edition. All thanks to Blik!

Doodle it up... The wall's the limit.

DA wall instructions


Art by: thumbdemon

113 Faves

Art by: Pirichi

46 Faves

Art by: camiki

19 Faves

By: lapin
54 Votes

By: Mark Ross
31 Votes

By: Danielle Almaraz
10 Votes

By: Rikke Nilsson
57 Votes

By: belinda suzette
34 Votes

By: Laura Alvarez
65 Votes

By: Dan Stevenson
51 Votes

By: Rachel Munn
8 Votes

By: Cassandra Mazur
64 Votes

By: Julie Gadzinski
12 Votes

By: Jennifer Spencer
5 Votes

By: Corey Thompson
6 Votes

By: Catherine Slaymaker
13 Votes

By: Kaya H.
28 Votes

By: Polar Fuchs
19 Votes

By: Kodi Fabricant
10 Votes

By: pj hawkie
22 Votes

By: kent youngstrom
17 Votes

By: Chris Lambert
5 Votes

By: april dyer
11 Votes

By: Morgan Oughton
13 Votes

By: Christina Hollensen
9 Votes

By: Ted
12 Votes

By: Trevor Basset
42 Votes

By: Tim Shumate
71 Votes

By: Laurianne
18 Votes

By: kate lumsden
11 Votes

By: jennifer song
41 Votes

By: David Ryan Robinson
8 Votes

By: Cale Coduti
13 Votes

By: faiiint
42 Votes

By: bonnie jean woolger
9 Votes

By: Maxime Francout
21 Votes

By: Mariana Gervásio
26 Votes

By: KmilaRodz
42 Votes

By: Ryo
12 Votes

By: Krusty
17 Votes

By: yanina canosa
55 Votes

By: Alexey Luka
9 Votes

By: Boris Melgarejo
7 Votes

By: elvia montemayor
7 Votes

By: Angela Babbit
10 Votes

By: doyleyboy
41 Votes

By: Katrina Kopeloff
14 Votes

By: Azhar Mohamed Nor
20 Votes

By: Erika Dabao
8 Votes

By: lottie pencheon
23 Votes

By: trent call
24 Votes

By: Stephanie Rita
23 Votes

By: Seth Beukes
39 Votes

By: Kate Davis
16 Votes

By: Monika
70 Votes

By: Donald Saluling
5 Votes

By: Beavory
35 Votes

By: Jorge Vargas
66 Votes

By: JoAnn Ferrieri
25 Votes

By: Tracy Jones
5 Votes

6 Votes

By: mike mcswain
8 Votes

By: Timothy J. Reynolds
26 Votes

By: Hakan Tuzun Sengun
5 Votes

By: Chelsea Farrell
3 Votes

By: Sophia Murray
34 Votes

By: nick healy
16 Votes

By: dogo
93 Votes

By: Lena
18 Votes

By: shirley
4 Votes

By: Matt Chandler
8 Votes

By: Ryan Blomberg
27 Votes

By: arya mularama
11 Votes

By: Benjamin Barrios
24 Votes

By: Bruno Pieroni
6 Votes

By: jess smart smiley
15 Votes

By: mesilane
14 Votes

By: the Artistº
7 Votes

By: Eryn Maureen
21 Votes

By: Steve Evans
23 Votes

By: Barney Ibbotson
23 Votes

13 Votes

By: starski
9 Votes

By: Sretan Bor
56 Votes

By: Nathan Gowsell
45 Votes

By: michelle monistere
14 Votes

By: gillian toothill
8 Votes

By: enggar
2 Votes

By: Fabiola
15 Votes

By: Matthew LaFleur
5 Votes

By: talaan
8 Votes

By: Ed Milsom
53 Votes

By: Louise Norman
18 Votes

By: Anya Pany
5 Votes

By: Emma Kidd
14 Votes


  1. An original oil painting wall blick commemorating the memory of 9-11-2001....10 years ago....Never Forget

  2. Should we draw right on to the pic of "Da-Wall"?

  3. @Jennifer: In the case you win, we need you to have a clean version of the art. Although I love the idea of you drawing right on the photo, I don't necessarily recommend it, unless of course it's easy for you to reproduce later.

  4. Thanks!! I'm so excited about this!!!

  5. whoa!!! excited XD

  6. Do you get your friends to vote or is it other members only?

  7. where do you view the submissions and vote?

  8. @sophia, DAs members only :) @bonnie, after the deadline, all the submitted entries will be viewed and can be voted :)

  9. Wow! my hands are already itching to start!

  10. Exciting!

  11. Rad idea---I just shared it on my blog and FB. Can't wait to see what people come up with!

  12. ....... nice.... you guys rock, thanks DA... never loose the inspiration with you guys....

  13. is it just black and white or are colours also in the game?


  15. @Mario: Feel free to use color.

  16. Very cool, working on things currently!

  17. Um...mocked up? What?

  18. So scan doodle, cut/paste onto da wall?

  19. very, very exciting; I have something brewing.

  20. oooh!

  21. How do we place the drawing on the photo?

  22. are the decals replaceable ie, can you take them off and re place them over and over, or are they just stick on once type?

  23. @Caroline: All Blik products are designed to be removable so you can change your mind anytime and it won’t leave any goo on your wall when removed. But once removed, they cannot be re-used.

  24. Need more info on how you're supposed to "mock up" your drawing on this wall... Please respond with steps? The wall image is quite large...I'm not seeing how my doodles fill that space.

  25. looking forward to posting an entry ... does the winner get to take home a decal for themselves?

  26. i would assume correctly that we could use photoshop to place or images that we have either scanned or taken a hi-res photo of. and then upload our artwork. of coz photshop will not be used to draw or tweak our scanned images etc... otherwise that would defeat the point of this competition

  27. hope you like mine..

  28. doodle doodle doodle..... love it.

  29. @Steven: You are correct. You may use Photoshop for the mock-up of the drawing on the wall, but not as the main tool to make your art.

  30. the size should be less than 2 kb?

  31. i am sorry.. 2mb?

  32. just uploaded my submission cant wait for the voting....

  33. just uploaded my submission. can't wait to see the others!

  34. just uploaded mine too. good luck everybody :)

  35. Uploaded, and good luck to everyone that did.

  36. done... can't wait to see them all!

  37. submitted! can't wait!

  38. Looking forward to seeing all the work!

  39. I can't wait to look at all the submissions!

  40. this was so much fun!

  41. Very cool showcase guys! Uploaded my submission...but the thumbnail seems to crop the majority of my image? Will my submission look like this when the voting starts? Otherwise one can't really see the actual design ha ha. But thanks guys, wish there were more cool competitions like this :)

  42. @doyleboy No worries we actually keep 3 versions of the art you uploaded. The crop you saw (just a thumbnail); The one we show in the showcase; and a higher-res (what you originally uploaded) version.

  43. jonathan livingston CEOgull, timeless ideas about human potential

  44. Ok thanks Hugo! I thought as much but I just wanted to double check.

  45. Hello, I have been trying to submit but when i click the button I just get a blank screen. Is there any way to confirm that you received it? Thanks!

  46. Wow... is all I have to say.

  47. the power to vote for more than 1 is awesomeness!!!! good job everybody! everybody's work is amazing! :)

  48. ohhhh some entries are made directly from photoshop and illustrator.... :(


  50. aww man I missed the deadline cuz I didn't have internet connection. But DAN STEVENSON FTW!

  51. aww man I missed the deadline cuz I didn't have internet connection. But DAN STEVENSON FTW!

  52. I like that I can vote for more than one as well. Yes, I noticed there are some straight illustrator pieces. In the end the piece has to be vector, so I guess they figured they would do it directly straight away (it was a bit of a pain to vectorise mine... oh well, not quite the same).

  53. im just happy i got a few votes, glad some people enjoy my work... great job everybody.... its going to be very interesting to see who wins..

  54. great work everyone(-:

  55. Soon

  56. This is mind-blowing! Cool entries, peeps. I had to color mine in Photoshop, but drawing is made by hand. Now that I look at it on the screen it does look like it was generated electronically... hmmm... Didn't try to cheat :)

  57. These all look fantastic - I looove the variety!! And a doodle is a doodle, no matter the medium :)

  58. @OKAT this is all pretty awesome, and I'm stoked about the competition! Before it gets down to the wire, does the winner get anything in return (like at least a free decal) and get to keep their rights? I can't find anything that comments on that. Thanks!

  59. Nice entries. Mine was made on paper and then colored in Photoshop too....

  60. When does voting close guys?

  61. @doyleboy, after 6 days

  62. oh god... cant decide which one to vote.. so many cool stuffs here :D :D

  63. Cha Ching!!! Voting was fun... It was like a voting buffet

  64. I am honored to part of such inspiring collection of art! thank for all the people who voted- Beavory(-:

  65. So many I like!

  66. quite a bit of vector stuff...

  67. when is the next showcase?

  68. Here are my top pics aside from mine (in random order) >> Steve Evans, Laurianne, Mike Mcswain, Starski, JoAnn Ferrieri, Ryan Blomberg, Cale Coduti, Timothy J. Reynolds, Doyleyboy, Dogo, Monika, Seth Beukes, Ryo, Mariana Gervasio, Bonnie Jean Woolger,, Belinda Suzette, Ed Milsom, Donald Saluling, Kate Lumsden, Matt Chandler, Arya Mularama, Rikke Nilsson, Beavory, and Rachel Munn.

  69. LOVE the monkey in the ice cream cone!!!!!!!!! ;)

  70. It seems that I have overestimated the drawing power of a see-it-from-across-the-house-sized middle aged naked guy... but really who of us haven't made that mistake before.

  71. this is really funny , im happy to be here , with some other GOOOOOOOOOOOD doodle addicts !!! esto es realmente chistoso y estoy feliz de estar aquí a lado de buenos "adictos a los monos" saludos desde méxico. :)))))

  72. some awesome stuff!

  73. Nice to be up there and getting a few votes but is there a better way to display the entries? most people will only scroll thru a few. (i know they change position but a lot will be missed). How about thumbnails? Also, i still think these votes often do just become popularity contests based on numbers of facebook friends- are DA and Blik not going to have a say in the final design choice? (just some constructive criticism of a generally good thing)

  74. @Ed Milsom: We never expected to receive as many submissions as we did and so the current showcase follows the same presentation template as the previous challenges. We have some ideas to resolve that for future showcases. In regards to votes... we have discovered quite a few fake accounts and will be removing those votes from the total, so please continue to mark the ones you love.

  75. Thumbs up to Ed Milsom. I hope Okat, Hugo, and Jamie and the sponsor of the showcase could also do some judging. Something like 20%votes, 40%judges and 40%sponsor. just a suggestion :)

  76. I like the concept of letting the community vote, but I'm a bit disappointed because some of the best designs are low on votes (constellation dude and awesome guitar dude with arrow on knee, for instance).

  77. I love Jorge Vargas & Dan Stevenson's entries more and more every time I look at them. Brilliant.

  78. Totally agree with Andre Gribble.

  79. Thanks for the ability to vote for more than one; there are some fantastic works here.

  80. enggar lets do something together!!! if anyone wants to do a collaboration im interested why??? just because ANYONE

  81. So you can only vote once? (I understand you can vote for as many as you like) and when does voting close?

  82. @Jennifer, for the next two hours

  83. Breaking News: We have some very exciting and surprising news regarding the Blik showcase on DA. Stay tuned for details.

  84. i know it's a bit late... but i entered mine and it wasn't included in the showcase... perhaps i did something wrong?

  85. whoa! exciting!!! please update us :)

  86. Get all the details here: YAY!!!


  88. alot of amazing work!!!!!! BRILLIANT=]

  89. these are awesome!!

  90. how do i upload general doodles to the website. i didn't see a way to upload images in my profile?

  91. Wow!

  92. Pretty neat!!

  93. how can i submit my work?

  94. Can you do this again? These submissions were brilliant! Although I don't have that level of talent they all inspire me to draw/doodle. All winners in my book.

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