Design a Wall Clock

Design a Wall Clock

Time flies when you're doodling. We've teamed up with the super cool folks at Blik, and are ecstatic to present this unique opportunity to our awesome illustration community. The challenge is to doodle, draw, or illustrate the backdrop of a wall clock. Here's the fun bit - there's no theme, style, or color restriction. Geometric patterns, fine art illustration, playful organic shapes, hand-drawn doodles, or your own unique style. Wherever your pen takes you, we'll follow. The six winning submissions will have their art transformed into 10' wall clocks to be sold through Blik and Doodlers Anonymous. And here's the funner bit - a portion of the royalties will go to the lucky artists. This is your chance to have your art transformed into something tangible, something utilitarian, something hung on a wall and adored as much as the art on your mom's fridge. Create art that makes time stand still. Check out our submission guidelines below and join the fun. Tick tock folks. There's no time like the present.

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The clock face consists of a hand-drawn star map of the northern sky. Anyone can customize this image further by adding their own personal constellations of their daily routines. (i.e. coffee cup at 7 o'clock, running shoe at 23 o'clock etc)

Art by: dotunfolded

45 Faves

Art by: calottag

52 Faves
'Time invader' by Sirographics.


43 Faves
This pattern is called "Montreal in the summer". I just moved to Montreal and completely charmed by the city. So I thought it was a good time to design something about this city. I noticed that Montrealers love outdoor staircases, gardening and biking! They don't like raccoons but I thought they are super cute and just had to include it. I'd love to see it on a wall clock :)

Art by: erdene

55 Faves
enchanting fox

Art by: praline

78 Faves
43 Faves

By: Natasha Thorn
6 Votes

Many clocks are joined in the fate that they have to remind people to hurry up, meet the deadlines and be on time.

This clock wants to be a reminder to take some time to relax, play, have fun.

By: Diana Koehne
39 Votes

By: Francisco Toledo
12 Votes

Elfriedes x Blik x DA peace clock :) 
Thanks for this open call ! great idea.

By: Lilly Friedeberg
7 Votes

What's the time Mr. Wolf?

By: Adam Black
7 Votes

OCD Clock

By: Monica Yope
25 Votes

Babylonian goddess Tiamat! :)

By: Laura Lea
5 Votes

”sunflower dream”

By: ana costov
17 Votes

Skate around the clock

By: lara gurney
13 Votes

By: Sanuri Zulkefli
20 Votes

Watch out it's pattern time!

By: Alyssa Duhe
21 Votes

I'm jealous of the bird, it's ability to fly, it's freedom, so I trapped these birds in the clock face - they don't seem too sad about it. I'll work on my jealousy issues.

By: Jamila Thomas
7 Votes

'Primary hour to look at the flowers.'

By: Amir K
1 Votes

By: Sharon Sen
4 Votes

By: vlad arsene
18 Votes

Even mice get the

By: Camille
11 Votes

hi,, i just found this contest today,, i made my best
im from argentina
my instagrams with all my works and doodles

By: ova Chambers
13 Votes

By: EC
4 Votes

Some flowy watercolor orbs, reminiscent of the sun, moon and starry sky to pass the time.

By: Cat Baldwin
16 Votes

Kiss or Hug? These two puffer fish are very happy together, but it's tricky as they cannot get too close. Know the feeling? I just love their facial expression. What are we gonna do? are part of a growing oceanic community to become a small collection. Hope you like them too.

By: Andrea Leupold
3 Votes

Ocean that is teal. Beautifully doodled marine life. By Maitri Dalicha.

By: Maitri Dalicha
14 Votes

Fairy Times

By: Daniela Penati
44 Votes

Get out of bed with the beautiful art and make it easier!

By: Egle Plytnikaite
28 Votes

Wall clock design created in Adobe Illustrator.

By: Laurence Thomas
7 Votes

what if time had a face?

By: Federico
7 Votes

By: Raluca Toth
7 Votes

It's always time for a pie :)

By: Maria Kofler
33 Votes

Happy hour

By: Sandy Mitchell
18 Votes

Take on a traditional sun and moon imagery of passing time.

By: Anasutashia
22 Votes

By: Emory Allen
14 Votes

Waiting in Miami...1985

By: Cameron Aitkenhead
8 Votes

By: Rahema Shah
19 Votes

Wazup? crazy monsters clock by Andi Bird in Sausalito CA.

By: Andi Bird
12 Votes

A balanced contrast between both of the styles constituting the clock face; Black, clean and linear digits on a multicolored, spontaneous and edge-to-edge watercolored background.

By: Camila Caputo
24 Votes

By: creativGenius
4 Votes

12 Angry Men.

By: Megha Baid
97 Votes

By: Jenice Kim
12 Votes

By: Efi Theodoropoulou
5 Votes

6 Votes

The Gardens of EDEN

By: Arnab Dhar
19 Votes

Itsy Bitsy Pencils (2015) are my best friends. Easy to fit anywhere, perfect for drawing unexpected ideas.

By: Stephanie Rose
17 Votes

A clock from outer space.
By Marina Tsoneva

By: Marina Ts.
23 Votes

The crocodile ate the caterpillar and then smoked his pipe.

By: Lise
27 Votes

By: Cate Anevski
20 Votes

I made it on a 10x10 inch paper, then scanned it to fit into your template. The colour in the eyes is done by photoshop, it can be changed as per customer demand. I have this work saved in different sizes and formats. My instagram username is asfaa93.

By: Asfaa Ashfaq
31 Votes

C is For Cookie AKA It's always cookie time!

By: Beth
13 Votes

I worked at the idea of time, the time that flies away.

By: Marika Vistre
15 Votes

Dylan is a layback explorer. He loves going underwater and meeting new colors and friends. Created by: Beavory

By: Beavory
12 Votes

4 Votes

Dragon clock face. A dragon rises from the sea and blows a smoke ring.

By: Virginia
5 Votes

Time to get to work!

By: Jeff Dowdy
15 Votes

By: Audrey Rose Mariano
21 Votes

Geometric, simple but colorful, watch

By: Iulia Tuiu
12 Votes

Hello, Doodlers! Here is my submission for the clock backdrop contest. :)

30 Votes

An organic fantasy scene.

By: Peter Lewis
11 Votes

A clock for every room!... Or maybe just the kitchen.

By: Jay Barnham
20 Votes

By: sonalisukesh
9 Votes

Synchronised swimmer display!

By: Fern Martin
37 Votes

By: Ruyman Gilbert
4 Votes

By: kris genijn
24 Votes

By: Marijke Buurlage
15 Votes

By: Kisan Bhat
8 Votes

Thanks for this opportunity! My design was lovely and bright, the template 'shadow' makes it appear a bit dim- just thought I would mention that! I have designed a lovely patterned mandala for my clock design, colourful, intricate and eye-catching; my intent was to create a design which is bold and beautiful for the modern home!

By: Sophia Shaw
28 Votes

By: Lizzy
13 Votes

floral housing

By: tijana knezevic
27 Votes

my name is Fernanda, I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Brazil, living in NYC, who loves to doodle. I am also obsessed with lettering and it appears in most of my personal work. Hope you like it :)

By: Fernanda Sanovicz
23 Votes

By: Miriam Becker
10 Votes

I think as creative people we always forget that time is a man-made fallacy.  While we’re always worrying about meeting deadlines and maximizing our days, it’s important to chill out and enjoy life. What better way to remember this message than right on the clock you’re using. I created melting colors to represent how time is a mysterious illusion in a fun quirky way.

By: Barbara valle
9 Votes

A hamster-powered victorian clock.

By: William Black
48 Votes

By: Maxime Francout
23 Votes

By: Mariya Lovell
12 Votes

Telling the Time. A doodled clock which 'tells' the time :).

By: Melaine D'Cruze
19 Votes

By: byeegggoo
3 Votes

By: Cathey Ambush
16 Votes

A pretty floral design in neutral colours painted using watercolours

By: Lindsay Cameron
38 Votes

By: Hasanah Hasan
22 Votes

A pretty colourful KAWAII dweeble clock with a floral back drop.

By: gabrielle watts
5 Votes


By: W.xy
10 Votes

By: Juliangcq
4 Votes

By: Beniamin Black
7 Votes

By: Ana Louis

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

Henry Van Dyke

By: Wendi Gessner
4 Votes

Fish clock

By: Calyn ng sim yin
6 Votes

Zentangle Inspired Art Clock

By: Alyss Amster
55 Votes

By: Sasha Pavlova
7 Votes

By: Kaitlyn Kane
7 Votes

Wall clock with a cute bird.

By: Laura Gomez
10 Votes

By: Allison Chau
60 Votes


By: James Daw
23 Votes

For coffee adicts, I mean, lovers, it is always coffee time!
I used Pinterest for inspiration, pencils for doodling, and Photoshop for coloring, I hope you enjoy it :)

By: Monica Galan
40 Votes

Block Clock
Doodles on 2 inch square wood blocks, stacked

By: Nikki D. May
10 Votes

A clock for those who love gnomes.

By: Judy O'Brien
24 Votes

mr.time busy day , he has many activity and of course doodling never forget , 
inspiration come at night =)

By: clara claudia safista
10 Votes


Doodling helps to let my mind flow freely. I have came out with this idea of calmness through sketching of curves, lines and dots. The curves represent smoothness from one end to another. Lines represent journey of life while dots represent the learning point you’re facing. These shows that in life, no matter how long the journey you want to succeed, you will eventually meet to point of success when you’re in the calmness state.

By: Zyin
11 Votes

By: Prasita Kumaran
6 Votes

By: mihaela berghian
18 Votes

By: Rose Remlinger
5 Votes

How the time flows...start slowly and then step by step (rabbit by rabbit) it grows and takes you all the way, so you can't stop it.

By: Zuzu Galova
26 Votes

Hey guys,

Here is my wall clock submission, hope you like it as much as I enjoyed working on it! 

Matt Leigh

By: Matt Leigh
6 Votes

The time is near!

By: Magdalena Zmijowska
6 Votes

Soo this is a clock You've asked for. There's a hidden character in it. Just a little bit of mistery. Enjoy :)

By: Larolina.ku
25 Votes

This entry is inspired by nature. The soothing colors and playful geometry create a pleasing design to the eye. I hope you enjoy it! :)

By: Portable Tomb
16 Votes

Some colourful fish to brighten your day!

By: James Loram
16 Votes

Art is my passion in life, I'd like to share some of the most wonderful things that come out of my head. It doesn't have to make sense but it sure is pretty awesome to look at!

By: Amanda Insurriaga
6 Votes

Ink and watercolor titled

By: Erika Rier
14 Votes

We are just like this busy bird, work and work, chase after the clock.

By: chiyun yeh
27 Votes

The See Monster

By: Caroline
45 Votes

Just something to look at.

By: Mark Reid
3 Votes

the closer I am to fishes the clamer I am

By: Nikyta Dhiman
7 Votes

The needle that indicates the hours should be 0.78

By: Rita Genovese
10 Votes

By: Adam Toksoz
11 Votes

mr Amanita is a sceptical mushroom, he even doesn't believe time really exist...

By: Ievgen Kharuk
11 Votes

By: James Hipkiss
1 Votes

Hi folks,

I am a doodler and sketchnoter, started a year ago. Member of the fab #todaysdoodle community on twitter.

Love collages and am exploring what I call

By: Andrea Brücken
9 Votes

By: Erika Matthews
11 Votes


By: Irina Manelis
19 Votes

This is a digital illustration I did of a robot little boy named Robo and his best friend Patchy the dog. Patchy doesn't look like your typical dog and he's a little roughed up and barely put together (hence his name), but Robo boy still found it in his heart to love him. Robo knows the feeling of being unloved, so him and Patchy can relate to each other. In the grand scheme of it all, this piece means: We're all different, but that doesn't mean we can't love and accept one another because on the inside we're all the same. Thank you for the opportunity to potentially have my piece shared. :)

By: Errone Kemp
2 Votes

By: Lara Lenore
33 Votes

The idea is from the playing of water color randomly, after the water dried, the color formed different interesting shapes, I developed my drawings on top with my imagination over those random shapes and lines.
it is an interesting way to do a doodle piece.

By: A.H_AliSoN
11 Votes

Title - The Dragon who Horded Flowers
Just really love cute things & dragons so, here they are!

By: Chelene Jordan
17 Votes

I wanted the hands of the clock to interact with the design that is going to be on the clock face. While at the same time, I wanted to include the numerals 1 to 12 subtly. Hence i used weapons (with their shapes) to signify the numerals on a clock face. And a ninja in the centre who spins a staff (or 3 staffs from 3 hands of the clock), engaging in a battle with the numerous warriors surrounding him. His

By: Drew
5 Votes

hello ;

By: Yuqing
10 Votes

This is the design of my clock 😊 this is the combination of zentangle with doodle monster. I love them both and try to combine it 😁 hope you love it

By: Sofeea paw
3 Votes

This will be a really fun piece to hang in your dining area as you enjoy some toast, or in your room where you get all warm and snug under your blanket. Actual colours are much more vibrant beneath the white filter of the template’s “glass” (See my profile picture). Enjoy!

By: Nicole Goh
24 Votes

Little Robin

By: Nelma Grace Higgins
7 Votes

By: Mariya Thomas
14 Votes


By: Engineer Mikay
18 Votes

After long deliberation, I decided to craft a clock on the theme of

By: Keith Jones
12 Votes

By: Ana
14 Votes

By: Sarah Elliott
3 Votes

By: Gabriele Go
39 Votes

Having a Whale of a Time!

By: Carmen Hickson
22 Votes

When we sleep we dream and sometimes when we dream, new ideas got created. That's how it was with these little sleepyheads, I think about how much we all love to daydream and create new super-awesome ideas while we are at it.

By: Azreenchan
46 Votes

By: Elena Resko
29 Votes

creation, creator and time

By: Milica Cvokic
10 Votes

My clock is about my city. It is invitation to come and explore city of Bratislava in one day. It is so small, that you could do it. But you would love it!

By: Natalia Luptakova
15 Votes

Keep Smiling Cute Smiley Drawing by Georgie Watts

By: Georgie Watts
9 Votes

Junkyard Sam's clock project submission!

By: JunkyardSam
31 Votes

The name of this piece is called,

By: Anna van den Brande
10 Votes


This is my submission. I am a serious doodle addict and this is my style which developed over the years. Through absolute randomness, these characters and patterns emerge. 

Please vote if you like it. Thanks a lot. :)

By: Pooja Bhatt
19 Votes

By: berghian ioana
23 Votes

Title: Daisy Dazed 
Watercolor floral/spiral design.

By: Angi Orobko
8 Votes

Clocks are like magic...Who's really keeping the time?

By: Kara Mitchell
41 Votes

By: Aixa Alvarez
38 Votes

By: Rubina
10 Votes

I wanted to create a clock that showcased Earth and all of it's beautiful languages. So, I started by painting a map, then decided to do each number of the clock in a different language. 

One - English
Deux - French
Tres - Spanish
Vier - German
Wu - Chinese
Roku - Japanese
Septem - Latin
Otto - Italian
Nio - Swedish
Sib - Thai
Onze - Portuguese
Tolv - Danish

By: Serena Powell
37 Votes

Urban Jungle

By: Anke Weckmann
27 Votes

Indian style of doodling. No matter what, the hands kept on moving.

By: Anuja Pandey
5 Votes

By: Karyne Parent
1 Votes

The Decorative Colour Wheel 

PS:The image which I designed is a Roundel Pattern which representing the Sun in  Illumination Art.This decorative design of the sun represents the concept of diversity in unity and unity in plurality.

By: Elham Fatapour
19 Votes

By: Lucia Rumanova
12 Votes

By: Arindam Dhar
16 Votes

By: Dabin Choi
15 Votes

By: Delphine
17 Votes

By: Duru Eksioglu
17 Votes

By: Leila Fanner
12 Votes

By: Maia Rossi
13 Votes

By: FluffyMafi
20 Votes

Who doesnt like bacon & eggs?

By: Pranita Kocharekar
7 Votes

This clock is meant to show my artistic style: geometric and cool colors, especially blue.

By: Katrina F.
3 Votes

This is the

By: Janelle Nicole Jex
42 Votes

Wild Nights\r\nPen and Ink Line-art Mandala

By: Natalia Zanfardino
39 Votes

MY theme is based on the timelessness of the human soul which is the divine within each of us. The flower at the centre is the divine chakra located within us and the yellow and orange background relates to the sun which according to many Indian traditions has been given as much importance as the divine. The black silhouette is the invisible part of us and the radiant light surrounding it is the tremendous power our own soul carries with it. The power of the Sun/Divine within us can be tapped by meditating, hence the meditation pose.This theme powerfully reminds one to look within for truth that has always been there.

By: Gayatri Panchal
7 Votes

Just a few lines  can bring you everywhere you like.
I wanted my artwork to be in a circular flow.
Light and open, with a lot of room for interpretation.
The harmonic colour palett  enhances the dreamy mood.
Just as the handles go round, you can go on a boat, stand on the gras, lay in the sun....or wherever your imagination goes while looking at the clock.

By: Nicola Hanitzsch
8 Votes

Happy Donut! :)

By: Tali
39 Votes

By: Vanessa Santos
18 Votes

By: Regi B
21 Votes


By: Apoken
38 Votes

Yellow canary bird background

By: Purita Mok
4 Votes

A dreamy representation, a thought to remind us that though it often feels like we waste a lot of time, it is not always a waste.

By: Ramya Ramakrishnan
11 Votes

Mud Helmet Creatures (Helmets dropped from above into the mud below).

By: Trick Slattery
11 Votes

By: Amy Dipper
16 Votes

By: Ashley Taylor
7 Votes

cat clock :) he sees time

By: Rachel Rachel
19 Votes

Time flies, what's your destination? Twelve airplane windows with different 'destinations' in the day.

By: Tess
8 Votes

By: matt
18 Votes

By: Sheena Mayer
13 Votes

By: Irina Turcitu
15 Votes

You Suck.

By: Rau Illustration
5 Votes

Follow me to the Moon.

By: Anushree Tendolkar
7 Votes

Circular time lapse inspired doodle pattern.

By: Adam Lewis
19 Votes

music is my religion -jimi hendrix-

By: arie widiantoro
1 Votes

It's monster o'clock!

By: Hanna Lee
12 Votes

Scotch O'Clock

By: Margarita Rivera
24 Votes

time to bloom

By: Mariana Cristal Hui
11 Votes

14 Votes

Time flies

By: Jason Nicholas
4 Votes

By: Vanessa Teodoro
10 Votes

This wall clock is designed for people who time is abstract guideline rather than life.

By: Indra Gersone
6 Votes

By: Ian Bangs
21 Votes

Narthaki, a female dancer who sways her hands with time and makes us dance to her timely & co-ordianted mudras, hand gesture. :)

By: Namrata Toraskar
14 Votes

By: Arianne Z
13 Votes

You will never run out of ideas of what to do with this clock. Perfect for artists, designers and creatives that want to bring some colour and inspiration into their lives! So, check the time and... follow the icons!
Made by Erika Baltusyte

By: Erika Baltusyte
20 Votes

I started with numbers in a circle and added the

By: E Sissy Crawford
2 Votes

It´s time! ^__^

By: Helen Mariane
8 Votes

This is my entry. Drawing depict the 12 Sun Signs, Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius, etc.Placed in no particular order, other than to have proper balance in the clock. ^__________^

By: Lady
27 Votes

A fun and funky pineapple conga print.

By: Natalie Williamson
11 Votes

By: Alexandra G Mocanu
13 Votes

Time represented between the growing of flowers and the decaying of animals, the cycle of time goes around and around. Each passage nourishes the next until the beginning is but a memory.

By: Victoria van den Hoef
13 Votes

Monster Madness! Medium: Watercolour, pen & ink, and a lot of fun! :)

By: Lexy Ho-Tai
23 Votes

This clock is a doodle of a messy heart and the caption

By: Sinomonde Ngwane
19 Votes

By: Anja Bartelt
17 Votes

Space Adventure!

By: Patricia Casey
28 Votes

The thief of time...

By: Sonja Stangl
57 Votes

By: Holly Eastwood
4 Votes

By: Katya Krasner
17 Votes

By: Nadia Keifens
38 Votes

6 Votes

spirograph clock.

By: eme iranzo
15 Votes

Original design by me (Cat Dolch) pen ink and gouache.  Great clock idea for a kitchen!!! Yum!

By: Catherine Dolch
19 Votes

tooth hurty or 2.30?

By: pete gillespie
18 Votes

Time for a break!  Have a pear!

By: Mel Armstrong
17 Votes

Doodle by Elbowbowel

By: Elbowbowel
8 Votes

By: Maria Bălan
51 Votes

Always is coffee time

By: Hersson Noe
12 Votes

It's always time to create so put the numbers where you like.

By: Steve Martinez
18 Votes

By: Maggie Duerwachter
14 Votes

I wanted to make something for kids that their parents could also enjoy.  Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream became a reflection on the water cycle here.  The falling rain follows the gravity of the hands turning around the clock.  Going upward again it is like the evaporation of water.  This is kind of like humans' attempts to mechanize nature. It would be moreso if there were numbers!

By: T.Visco
6 Votes

By: Dionnie Takahashi
39 Votes

Pass the time with this swirly sweet design by lunchboxbrain

By: Andrew Gregory
14 Votes

By: Neesha Fernando
64 Votes

Relativity of Time Perception aka you say TICK, I say TOCK ;-)

By: Karolina Kaźmierczak
19 Votes

Time flies when your admiring what nature has to provide. This unconventional clock (with the number anchor being '1') with the cute forest creatures will teach you to take time out to appreciate all that's around you.

By: Amoolya Bhat
49 Votes

By: Yasha Kothari
25 Votes

By: Ashton Cola
11 Votes

The Clockmaker is cut out on paper and I couldn't free hand the green paper to make a perfect circle to fit in my clock printout.  After I uploaded the jpeg I tried to clone out to the edge with green but wasn't successful.  The real piece is actual paper cutouts with hand drawn shapes.  I just ran out of time :)

By: jlbandeen
6 Votes

Based on poignant scenes from a favourite film of mine, Mike Nichol's 'Closer' (2004), this clock evokes longing sadness in 6 frames.

By: Janell Hoong
8 Votes

The Cat's Me...owl! Nothing helps pass the time like a cat and an owl swing dancing with other colorful doodles.

By: Daniel Sulzberg
19 Votes

Pen and ink ornate mandala

By: Audrey Mantel
13 Votes

This is a drawing that i carved and printed by hand of a peacock. Inspired by surfing in my local town.

By: Dawn
6 Votes

By: Nanae Kawahara
11 Votes

By: Erin Kerr
10 Votes

By: Vin Ganapathy
7 Votes

A detail of a 48x48

By: Carolyn Joe Daniel
23 Votes

By: Marta Gabiga
13 Votes

3D effect clock, better appreciated with 3D glasses :) 
Created with Photoshop CC

By: Miriam Cunha
13 Votes


By: Klau García
7 Votes

Loving you is like breathing with a finite supply of air. The more I consume, less likely I'd survive long. But not doing so would kill me either.

By: naisya suherman
10 Votes

This is one angry bird

By: Ashlie Gash
25 Votes

A Stitch In Time...

A Simple Vector Pattern using fresh colours to brighten up any room.

By: Lisa Jayne Murray
11 Votes

The fear of the pools drives a king out of time and sanity. A digital work done in Photoshop.

By: Ilya Shkipin
18 Votes

Batman and Joker, yin and yang. 
One cannot exist without the other.

By: Aishwarya Tiwari
13 Votes

By: Bruce Glider
6 Votes

Ornamental Clock

By: Lily Bee
18 Votes

By: Cinetti
29 Votes

you gain weight when you do nothing.
Get busy!
Keep in shape with this cool diet coach clock.

By: Jonel C. Nato
6 Votes

Mandala Clock

By: Louise Benson
17 Votes

By: Mia Hera
5 Votes

100% handrawn detailed art ~

By: SiennyLovesDrawing
10 Votes

By: Jennifer johnson
6 Votes

Hello. This is my entry for the wall clock design. The concept is based on how man's time on earth passes so quickly; and how with each passing, there is new life.

By: Arkian Andy
14 Votes

Making Primary colours (and mismatched cushions) cool again!

By: Liz James-Froud
6 Votes


By: Canigrin Chen
11 Votes

It's Kiwi time!

By: Rebecca Bossi
14 Votes

By: Duong Nguyen
21 Votes

Girl in Kimono attire with Dragon on the Bottom...

By: Nestor C. Molina Jr.
17 Votes

By: Imaginary Thinking
7 Votes

Renata Miwa has a character called Lumi who is a little girl that is trying to understand the world and the meaning of her existence. Lumi apeared for the first time to the world in at All Star Pictoplasma Exhibition in 2015, Berlin. The clock shows what is in her mind: memories, searches for answer, questions.

By: Renata Miwa
17 Votes

Mr Earth, one of the 4 elements.

By: Stephane Lauzon
20 Votes

By: Slavica
24 Votes


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  18. I'm asking the same question as Katrina F - Do you need to draw the numbers?

  19. Hi! Are the needles going to be the size in the template? Thanks for your help

  20. Also it looks like the template has a grey shadow, so we need to keep it? Sorry for the stupid questions!

  21. Whoop! Submitted.

  22. I don't have the answers, but I decided to do not use numbers, I think that's optional with the design, and I left the gray shadow, that's the glass on front of the clock.

  23. Just submitted... Tick tock waiting for voting time! ^_^Y

  24. Woo hoo! Submitted! Phew ;) x

  25. Is the template supposed to be oval?

  26. Yay, made the submission, it was so much fun!

  27. Submitted! ^_^

  28. How can i view the design from the other participants?

  29. done , yayyy happy doodle =)

  30. vote for me!

  31. This isn't right. Need to resubmit, how can I do that?

  32. Do we use the template with or without the clock hands? Also the ai. file isn't opening for me. Anyone else having an issue with the ai.?

  33. I just submitted my design! I can't wait to see all the amazing artwork from everyone later today!!! :D

  34. @Nestor - the designs go live for voting at 3pm EST. @caryn - email [email protected] by the due time with your design and we can replace it. @anna van den brande - you don't need to use the hands template, but you do need to use of the templates to submit. Make sure you right click on the link to download the AI file. You'll need the latest version of illustrator to open it.

  35. Just submitted mine! I can't wait to see everyone's awesome work!

  36. Where can we se the submitted art ? I can't wait :)

  37. Submited, can't wait to see the other ones.. I already asked i few of my friends to vote haha :D

  38. I'm so excited to see the other work! This'll be fun! :D

  39. SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to see everyone's! :D

  40. Yey! Just submitted! ^_^

  41. I was just wondering, how long is the artwork open for voting?

  42. I can't believe how many great entries there are here!!!!! What an incredibly cool and successful project. Now I have to go back and check out the websites of the people who made my favorites.

  43. Congrats, everyone, they all look great! And good luck!

  44. These are amazing!

  45. I love this project and have lots of my faves!

  46. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's artwork!! Going to be a hard choice for a winner!!!

  47. Phew, just about made it! So many great entries for this competition...good luck to everyone :)

  48. Please vote for my clock guys. Pretty please.

  49. Please vote for my clock guys. Pretty please.

  50. Please vote for my clock guys. Pretty please.

  51. How to vote??

  52. Well done to all who submitted their work!

  53. yay great designs! and mine is there too (It´s time ^^), I´m so glad : )

  54. Good luck to everyone!!

  55. These clocks are so artistic, looks like a lot of fun. Good luck to all these talented Artists.

  56. Vote for me guys !!!

  57. when is the top 30 selected? anyone know?

  58. Vote for me :)

  59. Please vote for my Zombie Rabbit clock! :P Thank you guys for your support!

  60. Also, good luck to everyone! I love all of your artwork! Everyone did an incredible job!!!

  61. It's just amazing to see this much inspired talent in one place!

  62. Wonderful submissions!! :D Good luck to everyone!!

  63. These are wonderful. Some are just great art and I couldn't see where they would be on a clock, but great hanging on the wall.

  64. Bummer. Just discovered the site last night- too late to enter the contest! :( emailed admin my clock for the hell of it anyhow!

  65. Woohoo- that took me a minute to get though all of the amazing art work!

  66. Woohoo- that took me a minute to get though all of the amazing art work!

  67. Wow! Only one more vote before my design reaches the 30's :o :o so many amazing clocks, good luck to everyone!

  68. woops I mean 40's xD so happy so many people chose to vote ^.^

  69. Only 3 more votes until I am in the 40's! Really hoping I can make it into the top 30. Thanks to everyone who has voted for me and good luck to everyone who entered.

  70. Only 3 more votes until I am in the 40's! Really hoping I can make it into the top 30. Thanks to everyone who has voted for me and good luck to everyone who entered.

  71. When will we know the results? :)

  72. So, what will the procedure be like, when do we get to know the results?

  73. To all: We are in the process of reviewing the submissions and selecting the winning six. It's gonna be tough as they are sooooooo many good ones. Give us a few days to sort this out. You all really impressed us, thanks again for participating, we hope you had fun.

  74. Looking forward to the results :)

  75. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

  76. I am also looking forward to the results :)

  77. When will the results be posted? I'm overwhelmed with emails asking when they can purchase the clocks.

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