December Calendar Draw

December Calendar Draw

Oh, December. We wait all year for you to get here. The family time, the gifts (yay, new pens!), the pies, the well-deserved time off from everything - it's a damn good month with lot to look forward to!

So let's celebrate the year by having one last epic DA calendar draw! For this showcase, we're doing things a little different: The EDITORS OF DA will pick the winner from the top 5 drawings that you vote on.

So make it good and make us proud. Because we all want to go out with a bang, right?

UPDATE: See the finished 2012 Hand-drawn calendar. Now available or pre-order.


Art by: Wallop!

15 Faves

By: C M Carter
16 Votes

By: pauseability
11 Votes

By: Roberta Wood
13 Votes

By: Timothy J. Reynolds
6 Votes

By: Ena Jurov
6 Votes

By: Boris Melgarejo
5 Votes

By: darya tarawneh
29 Votes

By: Marco
6 Votes

By: Maede Jenab
2 Votes

By: Akshata Shanbhag
7 Votes

By: Anna Nyitrai
6 Votes

By: Jennifer Denty
3 Votes

By: Taylor Neva Rakocy
14 Votes

By: Jessica Hughes
7 Votes

By: Dan Wolfe
9 Votes

By: Cale Coduti
2 Votes

By: Marilyn MacGregor
6 Votes

By: Nicole Pinkerton
8 Votes

By: Susanne N
2 Votes

By: Heidi Deguzman
10 Votes

By: Angeline Yang
5 Votes


  1. Just submitted. How many of these have i done now?! ;) Good luck to all.

  2. This was a fun one. Just submitted my December doodle too :-)

  3. Only spotted this one was open yesterday. Got a nice scribble going on now though, should be able to make it!

  4. I'm trying to get something done...hope I make it before the deadline....

  5. Yeah, first time participating, just submitted my drawing.

  6. Doodled a not-exactly-Martha piece for Dec. It was fun.

  7. I've had a go..Had fun trying!

  8. My first and last participation, I hope you can... no matter.

  9. sighh my picture is bigger than 2mb and i don't know how to resize it. I will give it a miss for this year. Good luck everyone :)

  10. yes made it just in time :D

  11. @penny, use photoshop or any picture editing software to resize the image

  12. @penny I just sent you an email with something that might help.

  13. Just submitted mine! Thanks for having this showcase DA!

  14. submitted mine at 2:59 CST! good luck, all.

  15. Loving the final competition's entries... Especially that ice sculpting one by J Hughes. Pretty cool and original! Good luck everyone!

  16. good luck everyone sat out on this one I was too busy :(

  17. Doing this was so much fun and the submissions are just awesome!

  18. Doing this was so much fun and the submissions are just awesome!

  19. the submissions are really cool!

  20. Some great submissions this time. Can't wait to see who gets picked.

  21. Nice work everyone! Good luck final five!!!

  22. Wow. I feel bad I never knew about this. :( Congratulations to the winner and all the participants!

  23. What imagination fantastic.

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