Balloon Doodle

Balloon Doodle

Take a deep breath, blow up a balloon, and sharpie the damn thing like it's nobody's business.

Then just take an incredible photo of your blown up markings and hope to get many, many loving votes, because the winner of Showcase #3 gets a deliciously awesome prize and so do the rest of you. Read below for more details...


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By: siti waznah naan
25 Votes

By: Lori Wallace
11 Votes

By: Jenny
15 Votes

By: Addison James Eaton
19 Votes

By: Cale Coduti
14 Votes

By: Mazie-Olivia Bishop
7 Votes

By: bianca hegedus
6 Votes

By: Jenni Sparks
28 Votes

By: lesya godfrey
7 Votes

By: Paul Jones
4 Votes

By: Emily Bonani
4 Votes

By: Lena
27 Votes

By: Jackie D.
4 Votes

By: James William Pezet
10 Votes

By: Laurianne
8 Votes

By: Jeannine Ortiz
10 Votes

By: Lori Alrawi
5 Votes

By: Manuel Regalado
27 Votes

By: Sandra Contreras
7 Votes

By: Simon Palmer
5 Votes

By: Jens Flindt
2 Votes

By: colin reid
16 Votes

By: belinda suzette
22 Votes

By: emereauldine eliseo
50 Votes

By: Muxxi
14 Votes

By: Hannah Simon
29 Votes

By: Katie Wall
37 Votes

By: Emily Darby
26 Votes

By: valeria hernan
4 Votes

By: Cheryl Smith
32 Votes


  1. Let's put our hands into work ! pray for our brothers in Chile !

  2. Wow! I can't wait to get my balloons and doodling on them as a crazy.

  3. like this...lets get to it!

  4. Balloons, i need balloons!

  5. my babyboy loves this showcase

  6. Love this! Cant wait!

  7. Squeak squeak squeak....Nothing like a sharpie on a balloon. Just whatever you do... DO NOT SNIFF!<3

  8. textas!!! i'm as happy as a pig in mud.

  9. if you are late to the game like me, and can't find any balloons, i found out that condoms react to edding markers with a big PENG and explode. Now here is a fact that i would never have found out otherwise XD

  10. OK, got mine in, some sharpie but mostly biro (my doodle weapon of choice).

  11. sub is in! looking forward to seeing everyone's work :D

  12. Done!

  13. Ready!!!

  14. I am way too excited to get my friends to vote! Definately not leaving this computerrrr!<3

  15. Very cool. These are looking great!

  16. These are awesome!

  17. wow. i am very impressed. minimalistic (poke pin here) to photorealistic faces, clever typo (let go) and beautiful patterns. and the fish in the goldfishbowl - just brilliant ! i love these showcases! please keep them coming

  18. faved a ton, there are a bunch of great submissions!! :D

  19. AMAZING!!!!!

  20. It was a tough decision. Made me wonder what a true doodle is.

  21. It ended so soon...I didn't have any balloon at my disposal so I thought of making a paper balloon instead.haha! Oh well, till next week then. Cheers for the job well done guys!

  22. wow, great balloons! the question about the true doodle came here as well.

  23. great effort guys, some really good entries

  24. check out emily darbys!its a cracker

  25. I LOVE BALLOONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. A W E S O M E!!!

  27. This was so much fun...My lounge looks like a kids' birthday party.

  28. @jenni brilliant ! :)

  29. just joined... too late for the contest, but probably couldn't compete with some of these.... great work, everyone!

  30. Wow, this is awesome and inspiring!

  31. darbys doodle is doobylicious

  32. amazing doodles!!

  33. Wowzers,, greats stuff.

  34. too busy to make an entry, so dis-pleased with myself. everyone did great work!

  35. if i could vote multiple times for emereauldine eliseo's work i would ^_^ billiant stuff all round though. well done!

  36. 30 votes! Thank you :) This makes my day. yaay!

  37. @michelle: wow, thanks! i'm really flattered ^_^ these entries made me smile like a kid. great job, guys!

  38. Congratulations Andrea! Well done. What a wonderful bunch of balloon doodles, everyone!

  39. i couldn`t blow up mine :S

  40. I need to add one!!!!!!

  41. Very cool!!

  42. "let go" is my favorite :)) all very creative and fun!

  43. Wish I'd found the site sooner, I did a lot of Balloon doodles for a friend's birthday in June.

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