August Calendar Draw

August Calendar Draw

August is American Artist appreciation month. It's a way to thank artists across all mediums for their inspiration and enrichment. Libraries, museums, and galleries throughout the Nation are hosting events to celebrate. Here's a chance to join the month's festivities. We're calling all DA members, whether on the mainland or across the pond, to participate in our 2012 calendar. So, take the plunge. Doodle up August and submit. Your fanfare awaits...

UPDATE: See the finished 2012 Hand-drawn calendar. Now available or pre-order.


Art by: bunny-cakes

50 Faves

By: Marsha Franco
7 Votes

By: Louise Neumann
30 Votes

By: Jessica du Plessis
6 Votes

By: Edward Nel
7 Votes

By: rashi khandelwal
35 Votes

By: Terri Plemons
12 Votes

By: pauseability
30 Votes

By: mat
7 Votes

By: Rapper Elephant
7 Votes

By: Pim
18 Votes

By: Boris Melgarejo
5 Votes

By: Stephanie Anne Flis
12 Votes

By: Nidhi Dwarakanath
19 Votes

By: Helena Maratheftis
21 Votes

By: Cale Coduti
7 Votes

By: Roberta Graver
14 Votes

By: ellie kneeland
6 Votes

By: Dan Wolfe
40 Votes

By: Elli Anderson
11 Votes

By: C M Carter
31 Votes


  1. I might just be a little slow but does that mean that American artists are the theme for August?

  2. @Dan: There is no theme for August. There is never a theme for the calendar pages. It's open, wide open. The copy at top is just to introduce August. Game on!

  3. Thanks! Worth a check :-)

  4. i tri this time

  5. I'll see I can create something but I'm a little presses for time at the moment. I might do one for September. Just how things go...

  6. can i upload my art even if its not for a contest? and if i can howwwwww in the world do i? ive been trying to figure it out forever.

  7. Hey Katie, here's a link to the doodlersanonymous flickr where a member can upload their doodles!

  8. hey my whole image isn't showing up will it when the contest voting begins

  9. @Stephanie: Yes it will. What you are seeing now after you've uploaded your submission is just a cropped thumbnail of it for reference. Thanks for participating.

  10. thanks for having the contest!

  11. Thats me done!

  12. Just submitted. Can't wait to see the submissions.

  13. happy! :D

  14. Done and done :D

  15. this is sad... i tried really hard to submit my art but no... FAIL!! internet hates me :(

  16. @Elli: Can you tell us what the error was and please send your submission to editor{at}doodlersanonymous{dot}com

  17. dang, dang dang....ran to kinkos to scan it, only to come home and discover that it's a pdf and not a jpg [email protected]#$ ran out of time.....oh well, next month!!!

  18. @Roberta: We appreciate the effort, can you please forward your submission to editor{at}doodlersanonymous{dot}com for possible consideration.

  19. can we still submit??

  20. I am soooo annoyed! I've been working on my entry for 2 whole days now, just adding the finishing touches when I logged on to see the size requirements, and BAM! Deadline has been reached! But it's impossible! I'm living in Ireland, so knew the deadline would be different time than advertised here, so from your timer calculated the deadline on Irish time, which should have been 7am - like under 10hrs from now!! I reeeeally wanted to enter this one :( whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. @We Are Rodents and @Keelin: Officially the submission process is over, but we will take each situation under review. Email your submission to editor{at}doodlersanonymous{dot}com for consideration.

  22. fingers crossed @[email protected]

  23. I thought it had to say August on the submission? C M Carter's doesn't ..... or am I just missing it?? Just realized my scanner doesn't do 10x14! Would we be able to scan 2 halves? Well for next time, I didn't realize there was a time limit for this one.. :(

  24. @Suzanne: The version you upload for voting does not have to be 10"x14". That's just the specs for the final printed version.

  25. Many of them look like my daughter drawing you hamster (hipsters)!!! hahah

  26. sending out some positive vibes... good luck to everyone that entered & to those that are still trying. i'm super excited to see the final calendar...especially the months with the invited artists :]

  27. @ OKAT - Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! =)

  28. @ OKAT - It's sent! So how long until I find out if my situation has passed review or not?

  29. Good luck all you guys!

  30. ♥♥♥♥ by pim alot♥♥♥♥

  31. Yay I'm in too! Good luck everybody =)

  32. ♥♥ Thankyou - a friend just told me to see your response. Thank you so much!!

  33. CM Carter's work, amazing, and I love biscuits!!!

  34. OK - I'm totally new at this....'how' do you vote? can't figure out how to 'mark' my faves..

  35. @Roberta's right under each picture (bottom right). it's a big * symbol and says faves.

  36. ahhhh the * doesn't show up till u put the cursor over it...i'm a little slow...sorry!

  37. how do you submit? to the flickr page?

  38. @Maria submit directly on here, but it's closed now. If you click on the big blue box at the very top of the page that says "get full details" you will see all the info. The next one is for October.

  39. I really like the clothesline idea... Is the winner chosen only by votes... Cos the deserving ones don't seem to be getting too many votes.

  40. WOW guys, well done! This months submissions are excellent. Unfortunately couldn't submit myself this month, hopefully next time. Good luck everyone :)

  41. that keelin girl is somthin special she should def win!!!

  42. I loved Rashi's work !! :D Good luck Rashi !! :)

  43. can i know... how my votes get reduced??? i need a fair answer..please.. dis is annoying!

  44. To All Doodlers -- Just a heads up that in our most recent showcase (August Calendar Draw), we logged 45-50 invalid members, and all of them made votes that we are marking as invalid. We've removed the members and their votes and will continue to monitor it as the day goes on. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the show must go on :) Good luck everyone, Editor @ DA

  45. pink hair girl...I like Pim,s calendar..

  46. @okat, thanks a lot :)

  47. Well done to Keelin, nice pic. And thanks to everyone who voted, so close! :-)


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