All The News That's Fit To Draw

All The News That's Fit To Draw

Truth is stranger than fiction. From Wikileaks to Michael Jackson's album leak, the challenge is to illustrate your favorite headline news story from this week.


Art by: magpiex

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By: tyler derden
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By: Painterchic
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By: Larry M. Seals
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By: flupdiwup
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By: Larry Roibal
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By: Jenny
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By: Joshua. Hernandez
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By: Anya Pany
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By: susan manocchio
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By: rose harries
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By: mesilane
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By: Avril kelly
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By: belinda suzette
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By: tiny curl
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By: Amy Law
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By: James William Pezet
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By: Nisselokeo
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  1. this is going to be a good showcase, i can feel it!

  2. ahaha! that's really cool! I had a friend who once illustrated this really weird story about a guy that swallowed two hammers in order to cure his constipation. I hope this weeks news are as inspiring :)

  3. The headline is near the top, slightly to the left of center - "Just Totally Senseless"

  4. hi :D

  5. hey !

  6. Just submitted mine... Pins and needles. Pins and needles!

  7. I'm having a blast with some of the entries so far. You guys crack me up sometimes... keep 'em coming.

  8. that was really fun to draw, just submitted mine. :)

  9. that was fun. wish I had more time, can hardly wait to see all the crazy headlines come to life :)

  10. Wow, I think I just now figured out how to submit mine. This is going to be fun!

  11. Hey do we need to say what the article was or what it was about, or should it just be the drawing?

  12. woops i used the computer with the type....not sure how to unsubmit my work???

  13. @ajaye you don't have to... Just be clever and have fun.

  14. @Hugo ok thanks, I cant wait till the showcase goes up. I want to see all the work, as well as share mine!

  15. These are going to be amazing, I can feel it. Can't wait to seeeee!

  16. pandas and coyotes and Obama... oh my.

  17. great submissions everyone!

  18. AWESOME!!

  19. I seriously thought about the squirrel news. Bravo!

  20. great job anya

  21. Pretty cool, Anya!! Hope you win!

  22. Squirrel Toilet enough said

  23. ^ ^ l l l

  24. How do you vote???? I want to vote for the squirrel in the toilet

  25. @Stephanie: Just click on the asterisk below the corresponding image.

  26. Wow! Those were all GREAT!!

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