A Scary Halloween Draw

A Scary Halloween Draw

The witches are dancing, the undead howling, in anticipation of DA's newest showcase challenge. Brave enough? Answer the call if you dare... convert the unsuspecting bathroom sign man into a thing of which nightmares are made.

Cute, fuzzy, and sprite-like drawings need not apply. It's Halloween people - time for the demented, macabre, gruesome, and morbid. Design the kind of costume that would make Edgar Allan Poe bow to your greatness.

Scary Drawing Challenge


Art by: superBarrio

18 Faves

By: Collin West
14 Votes

By: Elli Anderson
7 Votes

By: Teresa Romo
3 Votes

By: Elisa Guardiola
3 Votes

By: Joshua Gambetta
3 Votes

By: Jeanne Haegele
16 Votes

By: Moran
7 Votes

By: lisa d
13 Votes

By: rex riley
3 Votes

By: John Paterson
10 Votes

By: elvia montemayor
4 Votes

By: Paola Rodríguez
11 Votes

By: karol banach
14 Votes

By: Rozi Hathaway
3 Votes

By: bonnie jean woolger
4 Votes


  1. I am eye- balling you "Big brother watches from the space station every move you make. Be aware!

  2. Wow those decals look startlingly similar to a doodle entry I made earlier this year. Would hate to find out if those are based on my idea with no credit given.

  3. @Ariana: That decal Rock, Pop and Death was produced by Blik and Doodlers (in March 2001) during our "Doodle Our Wall" Showcase and was created by Harikrishnan Panicker. You could read all about it here (and see all the submissions):

  4. So excited about the contest! Everyone, please vote for my Heartless Monster!

  5. I like them all.... but the ones submitted by Barry Young and Collin West appeal to me because of the use of humor and perspective (all the skulls!).

  6. Nice work everyone! I've voted for my faves : )

  7. there amazing and scary

  8. I am brand new to this site. 8/17/15. I am sooo jealous of all the talent and creativity. Candy for the eyes and mind.

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