NEW drawing challenge goes live today.

Comics are the awesome crossroad between art and writing. Whether you follow your favorite Marvel or DC hero, keep up with an indie webcomic, or always turn to the funnies at the end of a newspaper, comics have at some point touched our lives. For this showcase, we challenge you to try your hand at creating your own comic panel! It can be simple or epic, stick figures or the Mona Lisa, dramatic or comedic. Using the template below, fill in the blanks with your own characters, scenario, and talk bubbles. Deadline is April 18, so get moving and click here for further prize and submission details.

Our sponsor for this drawing challenge is Sketchbook Skool! A source of inspiration and guidance for doodlers from all walks of life, whether you are just dabbling in search for a creative outlet or been doing it for years as a serious passion. Their classes contain a wealth of tips and tricks on how to make your sketchbook look as awesome as the ones we often write about.