I secretly refer to him as “Clemens The Great.” It’s true. Because his work is truly that good.

I can’t remember when I discovered Cle’s work. It must have been a year or two ago. But I do remember my reaction when I first saw the chaotic juxtaposition of basic geometric shapes, sharp angles and bold lines. It’s the same reaction I get every time, even after frequent visits to his site. My jaw drops to the ground, my eyes get watery from not wanting to look away or blink for an instant.

We at DA are nothing short of ecstatic to have this exclusive “Doodle Interview” with Clemens Behr. He has also shared with us some of his recent works and an inside peak inside his very colorful studio brimming with tapes and boxes.

Enjoy the interview and the extra goodies. And here’s a tip I’ve learned: It’s okay to blink.

Q: Who are you?

Q: Your work is very geometric. What’s your favorite shape?

Q: What do you see through your window?

Q: Pick a number from 1 to 99. Make a doodle with that number.

Q: What are your plans for tomorrow?

Q: Day or Night? Sun or moon?

Q: What are you worried about?

Q: Draw your one wish.

Q: Draw what you feel.

Q: Where do you want to go?

Visit his site for the full-fledged Clemens Behr experience. You won’t believe your eyes. Below are some other goodies Clemens sent us to show you guys!