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Drawings of Different Dog Breeds

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Drawings of Different Dog Breeds | Doodlers Anonymous

Sofia Härö is an artist from Finland with quite a love for dogs. In her feature we reveal what happened when she chose to combine her love of dogs with her love of art. This turned into a challenge in which she drew a different dog every day for thirty days. The result, thirty dogs in thirty days.

Tiniest Dachshund Drawing
A Tiny Dachshund

Working by hand with ink and markers, Haro produced thirty images of various breeds of dog in different poses and states. The eyes of the dogs are large and liquid, showing both the feeling the artist has for the dogs and the love the dogs give their humans. My personal favorite breed is the Dachshund and lucky me, the series’ most popular breed of dog is in fact the Dachshund, featured in three of the drawings in this challenge. In particular I love the tenth piece, The Tiniest Dachshund, - this lovable pup is clearly the runt of this already miniature breed of dog. He (I decided it’s a male, the judgement call we make with all dogs until they roll over) is peacefully curled up, resting his head on his feet as he sleeps on the floor. Minimal line and shading work, reminiscent of some of my favorite comic artists, give all the detail you need to appreciate just how adorable a dachshund is curled up on the floor asleep.

Härö brings this same minimalism and eye for cuteness to every breed featured in this series. Whether you love dogs or not, after seeing Härö’s work, you’re sure to reach your cute quotient for the day so don’t miss it.

Drawing of a Boxer Dog

Drawing of a Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

Great Dane Drawing
Great Dane

Drawing of a Terrier Mix Dog
Terrier Mix

Drawing of a German Shepherd
German Shepherd


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