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Intensely Colorful Watercolor Drawings of Modern Cities Like New York, Chicago, and London

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Intensely Colorful Watercolor Drawings of Modern Cities Like New York, Chicago, and London | Doodlers Anonymous

Maja Wronska is an architect and painter of immense technical prowess out of Warsaw, Poland. Having architecture as a major interest, it is unsurprising that much of Wronska’s artistic work concerns painstakingly detailed recreations of globally famous architectural landmarks. In a recent series, Watercolors of modern cities, she turns her artistic interest to the cityscapes that house such architectural wonders.

Watercolor of the city of Chicago

As the title suggests, Wronska turns to watercolors to render the skylines of some of the world’s most beautiful and iconic cities. Chicago, Tokyo, Frankfurt, New York City and London are brought to vivid life by Wronska’s hand (an amazing process you can see in action with the embedded videos accompanying each piece). The most notable element of the work done in this series is the choices that the artist makes with her use of color. I can assure you that you have never seen these cities as Wronska has imagined them. Relying heavily on ethereal blues, pinks, oranges and yellow, our globe’s great cities look like they have travelled through the ocean of imagination and surfaced with the burning fire of the heart of the American southwest. The works are surreal, dreamy and romantic while remaining grounded in realism. They feel alive and reverent. They show the world as we wish it was, revealing that we our wishes came true long ago, that this is the world we live in. Only work by somebody like Wronska can show us such truths.

Watercolor Drawing of New York City (NYC)
New York City

Additional Cities

London Watercolor PaintingLondon

Watercolor of Tokyo SkylineTokyo

Watercolor of the Frankfurt SkylineFrankfurt


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