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Pop Culture Characters Come to Life as Bees

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Pop Culture Characters Come to Life as Bees | Doodlers Anonymous

Camilla d'Errico is a Canadian artist specializing in painting, toy and character design and comics art. Her work exhibits a strong influence of the comics, cartoons and manga that have been the source of her studies and lifeblood since childhood. The breadth of her love for these areas of pop culture comes to life in her recent series of paintings featuring iconic characters as bees.

Deadpool draw as an adorable bee

Exhibiting both the technique and spirit of fun characteristic of d’Errico, this series of paintings reveals a world where your favorite characters exist only as adorable, manga inspired, big eyed bees with a suitably bee-related name to boot. Take the first piece for example, Beepool. One of the dirtiest, most violent characters of recent pop culture popularity, Deadpool, when filtered through the hand and imagination of d’Errico is transformed into an adorable red and black striped bee. Wings stretched back, ready for a fight, the bee holds Deadpool’s signature katanas in both bee hands running headlong into a certainly beestructive bee battle. Beepool, like all of d’Errico’s bee characters, is hairy and exquisitely detailed giving her figures beautiful form true to the characters and insects that inspired them. Whether you’re a fan of Beepool, Batbee and his bee rogue’s gallery or a beekemon like beekachu, this a fun series certain to tickle your imagination and leave you with a smile on your face so be sure to fly on over and check it out.

Batbee Drawing

Beekachu - a drawing of Pikachu as a bee

Jason Voorbees
Jason Vorbees

Joker as a Bee drawing
Joker (no bee puns here!)

Harbee Quinn
Harbee Quinn

Sailor Buzz - Sailor Moon character as a bee
Sailor Buzz


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