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Drawing Mech Designs and Futuristic Car Designs

by Hugo Seijas 0

Drawing Mech Designs and Futuristic Car Designs | Doodlers Anonymous

Dwayne Vance, creative director for FutureElements, is an industrial designer and digital artist out of Corona, California. An artist talented in the traditional mediums of sketch and coloring, Vance’s main interest and focus is on the industrial design of the future, more specifically, the transportation and defense interests of the future. Bringing his singular imagination to his work, much of Vance’s work centers around renderings of potential mech designs for a future of mechanized defensive and offensive instruments of metallic destruction.

Japanese-style mech drawing

Outside of the mech design, the bulk of Vance’s work concerns designs for the cars of the future. Vehicles with fifties influenced engines, their heads protruding from the hoods of Vance’s vehicles, surrounded by sleek metallic frames, angled as though they’ve been engineered to shoot straight from the streets to the stars. Wide rimmed wheels at each end, their circumference reaching to the heights of the vehicle’s frame, look ready to meet the roads and terrain of a dying future world in turn. It isn’t a Mad Max world Dwayne Vance is envisioning here, it’s a future we’d all welcome living in, a world where engineering and tech meet in a new day of hot rod culture, a day of prosperity and advancement. Take a drive on over to Vance’s artwork and join in on his dream of the yet to come, new car culture.

Futuristic car drawing

Mech design

Drawing of a futuristic car

Sketch of mech


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