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Egyptian Gods, Boldly Illustrated

by Hugo Seijas 0

Egyptian Gods, Boldly Illustrated | Doodlers Anonymous

Daniele Caruso, an artist hailing from the United Kingdom, has put together a small, but impressive collection of highly-stylized illustrated Egyptian Gods. The illustrations are colorful, yet re-enforced with a heavy emphasis on the traditional use of gold, using thick lines for the shadows against a deep black background. The results are impeccable compositions that puts the emphasis on the representation of each God and their individual traits. From Thoth's head of an ibis to Anubis' fierce canine features, they each come together in a series that showcases the mysticism of these ancient deities.

Illustration of Egyptian God Isis
Egyptian God: Isis

Illustration of Egyptian God Osiris
Egyptian God: Osiris

Illustration of Egyptian God Thoth
Egyptian God: Thoth

Illustration of Egyptian God Anubis
Egyptian God: Anubis

Illustration of Egyptian God Ra
Egyptian God: Ra


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