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Great Paintings Come In Tiny Packages

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Great Paintings Come In Tiny Packages | Doodlers Anonymous

You know what they say: Good things come in small packages...Less is more...So why should it be any different when it comes to your art? You know that burst of excitement people get when they catch a glimpse of your sketchbook? I'd imagine the reaction is amplified when it's something miniature. People LOVE tiny things, it's just a fact – tiny houses...teacup pigs...miniature golf. With that being said, let's take a moment to appreciate these teeny tiny watercolor paintings done by Lathifah Rahmadiyanti from Indonesia. It takes patience, a steady hand, and a solid paintbrush to pull this off and the artist's decision to showcase these little landscapes against a cutting mat really puts them into context. If this mini sketchbook had cheeks, you can bet that I'd be pinching them.


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