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Inky Illustrations: Ordinary Meets Mystical

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Inky Illustrations: Ordinary Meets Mystical | Doodlers Anonymous

Designer/illustrator Ana Petre is casting a spell over me with her black ink illustrations that feature witches, serpents, and pretty ladies. The different variations from gray to black create dramatic shading that has been perfectly executed. Beautiful line work paired with perfect amounts of detail make her compositions a real treat for the eyes, making me want to mess around with magic...Check out more of Ana's illustrations (and other creative works) on her instagram feed!

meditation, black ink, cosmic, mystical, photographytarot cards, stippling, hands, occult, doodles

avatar, illustration, character, design, drawing, elf, creature

floral, succulents, plants, outerspace, pet, doodle, room

snake doodle, ink drawing, black

portrait, brush pen, india ink, female, cold, doodle

simple illustration, bike, bicycle, black and white

portrait, painting, black


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