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Sketchy and Adventurous Fluorescence

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Sketchy and Adventurous Fluorescence | Doodlers Anonymous

Divya Gupta, aka divcookie, is and illustrator/designer from India with a sketchbook that speaks for itself. Bright, fluorescent colors pop out against her bold black linework and fun, expressive typography finds it's way into the compositions. Divya says:

"There's one thing I'm absolutely sure of: I've always loved to draw. From ruining my childhood home's walls as a toddler to doodling on classroom tables and benches, It has been imperative to build a career out of art...I am an out and out daydreamer and an enthusiastically curious mole always digging (pun unintended) for the unknown."

Her passion pours out directly onto the page, leaving me inspired to experiment new color palettes and try something fun! What type of work makes you want to venture outside of your comfort zone?

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