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Hand Lettering Conversations From The Street

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Hand Lettering Conversations From The Street | Doodlers Anonymous

Eavesdropper is a Webby Nominated instagram series featuring hand-lettered sketchbook pages, derived straight from overheard conversations on the streets. These hilariously mundane phrases are a refreshing turn away from the more serious and profound quotes that muddy my feed on a daily basis. For me, they serve as a a simple reminder that we're only human and we could all use a little bit of ridiculousness in our lives. I scrolled through Eavesdropper's instagram feed for way too long laughing and appreciating the playful, illustrative spin on the words. Here you'll find a compilation of my personal favorites, but if your day is in need of some brightening then don't hesitate to check out the rest!

lettering, red, marker, funny

brush lettering, drunk, pun, cold, blue

instagram, lettering, comedy, sketchbook, fire

on fleek, ambiance, sketchbook photography, type

dog illustration, drawing, pink, hilarious, ego, marker, fashion

lit, script, typography, summer, flip flops, lol

orange, starburst, hand lettering, self worth, metaphor

hand drawn, lettering, type, cottage cheese, blue marker, sketch

comic book lettering, starburst, punch, action, sketchbook, fun type


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