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Submit Your Art Today: Doodle On A Dollar

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Submit Your Art Today: Doodle On A Dollar | Doodlers Anonymous

Tax season is upon us and it can either be completely awesome or completely terrible depending on a variety of different factors. Whatever your situation, join us as we stick it to the dirty dollar by using it as a canvas in our latest drawing challenge. Get ready to pimp out your dollar bill (or international currency) with doodles, paints, markers, letters, colors, and let your imagination (and inhibitions) run free while you're doing it! Scan your bill or snap a photo once your finished for a chance to win. Now open your wallet, flash that cash, and doodle that dollar up like there's no tomorrow!

*Challenge ends April 12th. Click HERE to upload your submission. See complete rules on Doodle Addicts.


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