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An Illustrated Collection of Viruses, Infections, and Diseases

by Lauren Konopacki 0

An Illustrated Collection of Viruses, Infections, and Diseases | Doodlers Anonymous

Artwork by: TESSIE DU

With flu season in full swing, I felt inspired to view the plagues of the human species in the most positive way that I knew how: through art! As you scroll down you'll find a colorful, intricate, and comical collection of hand-picked illustrations featuring various artists from around the web. These drawings include (but are not limited to) the common cold, the flu, and a plethora of other diseases and infections. You'll find a link to each artist will be below every photo. Enjoy and stay healthy, friends!

flu virus, influenza, illustration, sickness, disease, doodles, cartoon

Artwork by: Clare Rosean

cell illustration, disease doodle, pattern, blue, green, SARSArtwork by: Kate Cragoe Mayfield
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

cells, drawing, neon, digital, glowing, sickness illustrated

Artwork by: Hannah McIntyre

cold, common cold, drawing, sticker, doodle, art

Artwork by: Darryl Williams
The common cold

colored pencil, illness, microscopic, scientific
Artwork by: Anastasia Glushkova


scientific drawing, illustrated cells, doodled disease, black ink

Artwork by: Giorgio Luciano


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