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Doodling With Ripped Paper

by Lauren Konopacki 1

Doodling With Ripped Paper | Doodlers Anonymous

Jules Tardy is a graphic Designer based in New York who shared a pretty unique collection of illustrations. This specific series shows various doodles of people and animals created using ripped up scraps of paper. The finished product is simple but extremely well thought out in terms of the color palette and contrasting colors that create highlights and shadows in just the right places. If you ask me, Jules absolutely killed it with this project and I can't wait to see more of his work!

negative space, collage, butt, highlights, figure drawing

construction paper, swan, bird doodles, swan art, pink illustration

dance art, ballet illustration, paper doodle, red white blue art

polar bear, shadows, paper drawing, animal illustrations

silhouette drawing, ripped paper, textured art, solid colors



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