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Free-Flowing Doodles On Walls And Stalls

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Free-Flowing Doodles On Walls And Stalls | Doodlers Anonymous

J.W. Butts, aka Mute0n, is a southern artist currently residing in Chattanooga,TN. Born and raised in Birmingham, he's been a doodler since he can remember. I'm automatically drawn to the doodley, free-flowing nature of his illustrations. His murals and large-scale works have a sense of organized chaos about them, naturally drawing you in. 

Mute0n says "My grandmother, Betty, introduced drawing to me when I was 5 during "The Great Blizzard of '93" as it's referred to in Birmingham Alabama. She handed me a pen and pencil and we drew Pluto and Mickey. My favorite projects would be ones that involve the most freedom and the largest space. I like being tested with a space to keep it flowing organically and clean."

Below I'm featuring a couple of my favorites, one of which being the wildly entertaining black and red doodles all over the walls and stalls of this bathroom. I'm also a huge fan of Mute0n's paintings that combine old style paintings with his colorful laser beam-shooting characters which you can see (along with so much more) on his instagram!



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