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The Artistic Archive of a Girl on the Go

by Lauren Konopacki 0

The Artistic Archive of a Girl on the Go | Doodlers Anonymous

When you're traveling, you have so much down time and waiting around before getting to your destination and that's exactly why I think travel sketchbooks are the bomb! They're just so raw, unfiltered, and interesting because you're able to slow down, live in the moment, and create something truly unique. I had so much fun looking through Cynthia Xing's travel sketchbook from her journey through the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, and South China. I always love seeing old tickets, baggage tags, and receipts archived within the drawings, helping to tell the story in greater detail. It's so easy to get stuck on one medium, so I really like how she jumps around from watercolors, colored pencils, and ink. Let's be honest: Would you rather see pictures of someone's vacation or raid an art journal from their trip? For me, it's the art everytime!



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