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Member Spotlight: Real Life Comics with Ashley Robin Franklin

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Member Spotlight: Real Life Comics with Ashley Robin Franklin | Doodlers Anonymous

Check out Ashley Robin Franklin's incredible art journal that she shared with us in the participate section of DA! I love the way that she illustrates her everyday encounters and random thoughts alike with fun characters, poppin' backdrops, and some good old hand-drawn type! I even tracked down her instagram where I found a ton more of that pure creative magic because I honestly could not get enough! Her artistic style and daily discipline truly inspired me to start something similar in my own daily routine, so I decided to reach out and ask her a couple of questions: 

What is the significance of keeping an art journal for you?

My art journal is where I examine my feelings/problems, document the day to day and celebrate the interesting things going on in my life, work through ideas, and of course, doodle. My approach to working in it has evolved, and it's become this great diary-sketchbook hybrid. It's also significant because my dad, who is also an artist, keeps an art journal. He's the one who got me into art journaling; prior to that I just kept a basic throwaway sketchbook. Whenever I visit, we show each other some of our favorite pages, and doodle together. So art journaling is both something personal, and something that connects me to my dad, as well as to the other people I'll share it with. 

Any tips, tricks, advice for someone who might want to keep a daily art journal?

My number one tip is to carry your journal with you everywhere. I always have mine on me, and you'll find me drawing in it during work meetings, while I'm waiting for my lunch, in my car if I arrive to an appointment early. All that time that is usually spent just messing around on your phone is time you could be working in your art journal! Another thing I would suggest that's really helped boost my creativity is to set aside time every day to journal, doodle, and reflect. Wake up an extra 15 - 20 minutes and work in your journal while you eat your breakfast or drink your coffee. Think about yesterday, or about the day ahead. I like journaling in the mornings because I feel like it activates the creative part in my brain. I try to do it on a daily basis, but sometimes I slip up and won't work in it for a week or so (which totally throws me off) but I always come back to it. I think I'm on my thirteenth art journal right now.  You've just got to find what works for you, and make time for it. It can be such a vital creative tool. 


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