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Member Spotlight: GROBO's Grungy Illustrated Faces

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Member Spotlight: GROBO's Grungy Illustrated Faces | Doodlers Anonymous

I want to take a minute to highlight GROBO, an active member of the DA community, because I'm a huge fan of his style (particularly his colorful facial illustrations.) He uses simple shapes to create faces that are complex, consisting of overlapping colors and continual patterns. They convey so much emotion between their strong expressions, bold lines and bright colors. With every upload by GROBO, I keep falling more and more in love with his work, so naturally I had to ask him a couple of questions:

What are your "tools of choice"? You create some pretty cool effects in your work!
I work with refillable brush pens to achieve the grungy line work. I enjoy the versatility of dry brush vs wet capabilities. I also work with Fat nibbed paint markers, spray paint, found house paint and sometimes gouache. The mis tint sections in Home Depot can allow for unique color combos I enjoy the unpredictability with this approach. I also enjoy limiting my pieces by only creating with a few select colors on hand.

What's your biggest source of inspiration for these pieces?
For these pieces and most of the faces I draw I find inspiration in African art, 60's psychedelic album covers and patterns and colors found in everyday life. I traveled to Morocco last summer and it's still a great source of inspiration for me. Traveling and changing up the mundane always helps spark new ideas​.

So there you have it, folks. Go follow GROBO on DA and Instagram if you're feelin' his style as much as I am. In closing, I'd like to offer a short word of advice: If there's an artist that you're particularly fond of and you're curious about their process or the tools they use...just ask! What you find just might inspire you to create something beautiful in a way that's new to you.




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