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Member Spotlight: Pily Clix

by Lauren Konopacki 3

Member Spotlight: Pily Clix | Doodlers Anonymous

Pilyclix is a designer/illustrator by night who's quite involved with the DA community racking up over 25 submissions to the Participate section! Her illustrations (and hand-drawn type) are so cute, colorful, and simple ranging from sushi rolls to guitar-filled hearts. I'm really diggin' those thick black strokes that give them a sticker-like feeling. I won't lie that with so many food doodles (or foodles) I'm getting pretty hungry so please excuse me while you check out the rest of her uploads.

fortune cookie drawing, timer doodle, hand drawing

heart drawing, sticker drawing, heart doodle, ouija drawing

foodle, sushi doodle, sushi boat drawings

succulent doodle, succulent drawing, plants doodle, cactus doodle

candy drawing, candy doodle, bag of candy sketch

burger drawing, burger doodle, sketch

sushi sketch, sushi doodle, sushi drawing, sushi art

sticker doodles, breakfast doodle, waffle drawing

french fries drawing, fries doodle, food and typography




  1. Nice use of line work, whimsical color illustrations.

  2. Nice feature on @[email protected]

  3. Best use of lines and have a good composition.

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