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Painted Figures of Man (And His Best Friend, Too!)

by Lauren Konopacki 1

Painted Figures of Man (And His Best Friend, Too!) | Doodlers Anonymous

Julianna Brion's sketchbook is filled up with illustrations of people, dogs, components of nature, and different patterns painted right on top of the pages of an old book. The text subtly pops through the paint depending on it's thickness, adding a nice vintage touch. I love the fresh and lively feelings I get from looking at Julianna's paintings. Each spread is different from the last, and far from boring (to say the least.) Her color combinations are pure fire, and she perfectly utilizes different shapes and textures to complement the subject matter. As an avid dog-lover I can't deny that my favorites are the ones that put man's best friend as the center of attention! Click here to see the rest of Julianna's amazing illustrations!

geometric, shapes, dogs, paint


dark, painting, person, fishing, bright

silhouette, puppies, circles, lines, bookwoman, figure, abstract, painting, sketchbookpattern, painted flowers, book pages

colorful dog, painting, greyhound

book, vines, leaves, paintings

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  1. Lauren, I just love your work!

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