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Doodlelicious Dishes That Your Right Brain Will Devour

by Lauren Konopacki 1

Doodlelicious Dishes That Your Right Brain Will Devour | Doodlers Anonymous

MMM...I can almost taste these doodlicious drawings of classic dishes that are sure to make anyone's mouth water. You can thank Lei Melendres for your rumbling tummy, due to his amazing drawing style that highlights these dishes in a way that is bursting with epic goodness, and apparently defying the laws of gravity! Each dish almost looks like its own world that is waiting to be discovered & explored. I love his classic doodling style, incorporating a variety of bold shapes and textures, and the fact he creates his drawings in a way that make you question whether or not the food is about to float right off the page and into the sky adds a nice touch. I absolutely love the concept for this series, and would highly recommend checking out his other work too -- If you'll excuse me, I need to find where I can buy food that looks like this ASAP! 


  1. The details are amazing Lauren!! Am inspired.

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