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Doodling Up Every Last Inch

by Lauren Konopacki 2

Doodling Up Every Last Inch | Doodlers Anonymous

When I think of doodling, Maria Shishcovas' sketchbook is exactly what comes to mind. Black ink, line art, overflowing sketchbook pages...To me, she perfectly captures the essence of what doodling truly is (of course, there's such a broad range when it comes to doodling). Maria doodles up every last inch of the page with a ton of crazy little characters, objects, and patterns. Her illustrations are so cute, I could literally eat them. Despite the absence of color, her drawings are shaded just right and the way she lays everything out consistently creates a recipe for perfect balance! You can check all of the doodling goodness she's got to offer by clicking here

characters, illustration, hole, people, negative space

creepy doodle, let it be, technical, doodling

hot air balloon, sketchbook doodle

leaves, green, floral, doodles

random doodling, drawing, sketchbook

black and white, line art, doodles

black marker, clocks, time, drawing


  1. I love these sketchbooks. The drawings are so fresh and spontaneous, really good work.

  2. beautiful sketchbooks and every element is arranged so beautifully .

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