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Why I Doodle by Chris Piascik

by OKAT 1

Why I Doodle by Chris Piascik | Doodlers Anonymous

Why do you doodle?

Why wouldn’t I doodle? I’m not sure I’d know how to stop doodling if I wanted to—and I definitely don’t. Doodling is fun. When I was a kid my doodles helped fill the hole in my self-confidence which was a result of not knowing how to throw or catch. Getting picked last in gym class can be (almost) made up for when someone thinks you’re drawings are super cool.

Milton Glaser said “drawing is how I think.” That resonates with me. Doodling helps me relax, doodling helps me make sense of things, doodling made middle school less miserable, and doodling transformed my career. 

— Chris Piascik

This is part of a new and on-going (weekly) series where I'm inviting artists to share some recent sketchbook spreads and answer one question: Why do you doodle? It's a simple ask, but I believe it can reveal a tremendous amount of insight into a habit so many of us creatives share. Please comment below and share your own thoughts on the topic. Be sure to follow these artists for more inspiration and check back next week for a new one in the series. — OKAT



  1. So inspirational... been a huge fan of Chris for years now.

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