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Member Spotlight: Rhea Daniels' Tricolored Sketchbook

by Lauren Konopacki 2

Member Spotlight: Rhea Daniels' Tricolored Sketchbook | Doodlers Anonymous

DA Member Rhea Daniel has been flooding the Participate section with awesome sketchbook uploads. The black and white ink against those saturated sketchbook pages gives the drawings a whole new perspective. I'm a huge fan of the sketchy linework technique used to create the dramatic shading, and the white ink truly is the cherry on top. My personal favorite is the tricolor themed sketchbook pages, but Rhea Daniel has a ton of other sweet uploads to check out!



  1. @rdsketch Happy to see your work featured on the home page! Well deserved...

  2. @okat Wow, thanks so much Okat and Lauren!!

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