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LOOK: 33 Doodled Chairs by Murray Somerville

by Lauren Konopacki 2

LOOK: 33 Doodled Chairs by Murray Somerville | Doodlers Anonymous

Murray Somerville is a modern-day illustrator from London who is ready for anything thrown his way, including his latest commission by The Trampery. You know those ugly metal fold-up chairs that stick out like a sore thumb? It was Murray's job to give those generic chairs a kick-ass makeover by doodling all over each and everyone of them -- thirty three of them to be exact. He had free artistic reign over the project, which of course is any creatives' dream. His job was to simply create a range of 33 unique illustrations on each of the chairs. Personally, it would take me quite a while to complete such a task, but it only took Murray one week to finish them all and they look absolutely stunning. The doodles ranged anywhere from witty characters and blooming flowers, to cityscapes and crazy patterns! Here, we've hand-picked our favorites, but you can see the full project in all of its glory by visiting his website

chair doodle, doodles, painting on objects, city

worm, doodle, character, chair

doodle, sun, yellow, painting, chair

layers, paint, overlapping, doodles

rocketship, doodles, chair drawing

dino, dinosaur doodle, painting on chair

chair doodle, doodles, painting on objects, furniture painting

doodle, yellow, blue, mountain, character

layered doodle, chairs, people


character, illustration, doodle on objects

multicolored doodle, hands, painting on furniture

dog doodle, geometric, shapes

bold, bright, doodle, face

flower painting, doodling





  2. @sheryl I agree. This is such a wonderful project. I think it should inspire other artists to take something ordinary and make a project out of it.

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