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Colorful Sketching at the Zoo

by Lauren Konopacki 2

Colorful Sketching at the Zoo | Doodlers Anonymous

You might recognize the style of this artist from a feature that we did over the summer that highlighted the culturally rich sketchbook of Studio-Takeuma, but we just can't get enough. This time, instead of oil pastels and colored pencils, he uses a markers in a way that is loose and overlapping, nonetheless on point with his form and details. Drawing live from observation is a pretty diffucult task in itself because you need to move quickly and drop your natural perfectionist tendencies as an artist, but Studio-Takeuma does it flawlessly. I love the idea of sketching in the zoo, it's a really good way to appreciate the animals, make the most of your visit, and sharpen your sketching skills all at once!

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drawing at the zoo, turtles

live sketching at the zoo, birds

live sketching a tiger

drawing for observation, live sketching

sketching in public

drawing at the zoo, lizard drawing

drawing in public, zoo drawing

zebra sketching, zoo drawing

bird sketches live


  1. A wonderful idea.

  2. @khristinasmith20 yeah these are so peaceful to look at.

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