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Everybody has a Story - Drawn Observations with Evdokeya

by Lauren Konopacki 1

Everybody has a Story - Drawn Observations with Evdokeya | Doodlers Anonymous

Evdokeya is an illustrator from Moscow, Russia who likes to observe people and draw them. One series that particularly caught my eye is titled "The history of persons" and she creates a story through portraits and quotes by 15 different residents of the Russian village Palekh. Each spread is devoted to a single person, and beautifully photographed against a background that matches their vibe. Her style is bold and saturated and I love how the theme always remains consistent despite the different people and change in scenery. Unfortunately, I cannot speak Russian but I'm still dying to know what all of the portraits say--any volunteers?


  1. I love the use of colors against the strong contrasting black with white back drops.

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