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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Doodle Artist

by Lauren Konopacki 9

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Doodle Artist | Doodlers Anonymous

The Doodlers Anonymous team has hand-picked gifts that the artist in your life will love. Put down the bath products, step away from the socks section and give them something thoughtful that they'll actually enjoy! These gifts are guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing and spark a new sense of inspiration.

Happy shopping and drop a hint below if there is anything awesome we might have missed! In some cases, DA may collect a small free from any sales from the links on this page.

Book about Sharpies

Sharpie Art Workshop

In this book by Timothy Goodman he explores Sharpie writing products, the materials and supplies that can be used to enhance or modify them, and the range of creative techniques and effects that can be achieved. What a wonderful way to re-inspire the creative in your life to reimagine a tool that might easily be forgotten. 

Price: $15.00

Bed cover that you can doodle on

Doodle Duvet Cover

Transform your bedroom into a masterpiece with zero pressure. Sketch, draw, doodle, write a poem, leave a note, and throw it in the wash to design it all over again! It even includes 10 dual-tip machine washable fabric markers -- sweet deal!

Price: $79.95

Unique color pencils, natural wood pencils, tree pencils

Mini Tree Pencils

Revamp the workspace (without breaking the bank) with these natural colored pencils (or regular pencils) that look like they came straight out of the forest. No two pencils are exactly the same and each have their own rustic look and feel.

Price: $5.95 (regular pencils) / $7.95 (colored pencils)

refillable water brush, empty brush, watercolor tools

Pentel Aquash Water Brush

The Pentel Aquash Water Brush is my personal favorite tool when it comes to effortlessly creating beautiful effects in my sketchbook. Fill barrel with water and blend watercolors, or fill with your favorite ink and enjoy the endless possibilities and total control of a waterbrush.

Price: $12.00 for a set of 3

drawings convert to digital, paper to desktop, smartpad

Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad

With rising demand for artists to be working digitally, sometimes you just miss that feeling of a good old fashioned pencil on paper! With the Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad, you can doodle naturally with pen on any paper and instantly digitize your designs and sketches with the push of a button. 

Price: $129.95

books about doodling, interactive doodling books, learn to draw book, stress relief drawing

The Positivity Kit

Get your doodle on, and get your happy going with The Positivity Kit by Lisa Currie! Brimming with engaging prompts that focus on the good things in life, this interactive book is guaranteed to cheer up even the grumpiest person on the rainiest day.

Price: $10.00

sharpie collection, sharpie limited edition, rare sharpies

Special Edition Sharpies

Bold and sharp, brilliant and vivid, Sharpie markers can be found anywhere, and used on virtually any surface making it a go-to medium for creatives of all stripes. Give em' something they'll love with these limited edition classics!

Price: $28.00

giant sidewalk chalk, better quality sidewalk chalk, sidewalk pastel, street art tools

Jumbo Street Pastels

Say goodbye to sidewalk chalk because these specially formulated pastels are designed for rugged street terrain. This formulation is super vibrant and allows for blending, producing even wear and less crumbling. You can even use it in your sketchbook to create textured, bold lines.

Price: Starting from $2.49

realistic pencil stylus, real feel stylus, accurate stylus

FiftyThree Digital Stylus Pencil

If you are someone who loves doodling on your iPad, Pencil by FiftyThree is the most natural and expressive way to create. With surface pressure, Erase, blend, and adaptive palm rejection, you'll forget that you aren't drawing on paper!

Price: Starting from $29.95

top quality colored pencils, high quality pencils, artist must haves

Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils

Color that special someone's world this holiday season with a gift that is simple, but essential for artists. This 5 star, Faber-Castell set of 60 colored pencils has every shade you need and more! If you're not looking to spend as much, the next best thing is the Caran d'Ache Fancolor Color Pencils.

Price: $80 (Faber Castell) / $43 (Caran d'Ache)

3D drawing, 3D doodling, magic drawing pen


3Doodler offers 3 different choices of the world’s first and best-selling 3D printing pens. Compact & easy to use, the pen extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure. From fine art, to DIY, maker projects, creating scale models or decorative items, the possibilities are limitless!

Price: $99.99

doodle addict notebook, notebook, doodling pad, recycled sketchbook

Doodle Addict Sketchbook

This 100% recycled pocket-sized sketchbook, is ideal for ink doodles, sharpie mark-ups, stickers, paint, rubber stamping, and much more.

Price: $5.95

tote bag for artists, artist tote bag, art tools carrying case

The Doodle is Good for your Noodle Tote Bag

All doodlers need a place in which to place their sketchbooks and drawing supplies while traversing the urban and literal jungles. And this fun and cheeky tote allows them to celebrate the brain-building goodness that is doodling, all while being useful.

Price: $22.00

good cause sketchbooks, make a difference art supplies, designed sketchbooks

Denik Artist Sketchbooks

Denik is a company that collabs with artists from around the globe to create these uniquely designed notebooks that are sure to tickle anyones' fancy. What's even more awesome is that aside from supporting artists everywhere, a portion of the proceeds goes towards building schools worldwide. Talk about making a difference, you've got our vote!

Price: $12.00 - $16.00

doodling book, how to doodle, doodle challenge

Doodle Theory: Create Amazing Doodles with Hundreds of Starter Squiggles

We all know that doodling boosts creative thinking, confidence, and memory retention, so exercise your brain with this addictively entertaining drawing pad filled with lines & squiggles that kick-start the doodling process, and forces you to think outside of the box. I guess it really just comes down to 'what do you see?'

Price: $8.97

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  1. You so forgot fountain pens! This is an amazing set -- giving two this holiday. And no, not related to the Goulet gang at all...

  2. @dkatiepowellart - Nice catch! We are thinking of putting together an entry that highlights pens in the coming weeks - be on the look out for that one. By the way, the pen set you mentioned looks very nice.

  3. Concerning Pens I can also recommend the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen - Soft - Black Body. It is the Pen I filled my sketchbooks with ever since discovering it- as it is the most versatile Pen I know off - the Pen tip allows small dots, calligraphy, quick area filling and much more. Also, if you buy it, I found out buying it is usually much cheaper over ebay than amazon (at least where I live - Austria).

  4. I just got this set of pens from Jet Pens. It's pretty cool to try out a lot of different pens. Check it out.

  5. @NNWW Thanks for the tip. Doesn't seem that expensive and it seems extremely versatile.

  6. @telliott Would you recommend Jet Pens as a good source for pens? Would love to know what everyone else thinks as well. Thanks!

  7. I would yes @hugo. Their prices seem very reasonable, and they have a good selection.

  8. Yes, Jet Pens is great, I would love to link to them through you so you get a cut to keep up your great site. Noodler's Ink would be good too, I use their waterproof black for watercolors.

  9. @stevmorpix Thanks for the recommendation Steve. I went down a rabbit hole on the Noodler's Ink website looking at vintage pen repair videos -- really good stuff. Shows they really care about their craft.

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