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Mysterious-looking Characters on a Uniquely Bound Sketchbook

by Lauren Konopacki 3

Mysterious-looking Characters on a Uniquely Bound Sketchbook | Doodlers Anonymous

Muhammed Ali Üzen is an artist from Turkey who illustrates very mysterious-looking characters in his uniquely bound sketchbook. You can't help but look at it and try to search for a hidden message in these simple, yet curious characters. This particular sketchbook is held together by some sort of staple and displays a series of different abstract drawings of people with exaggerated features such as oversized eyes on a blurry face. I love that he keeps it fresh by using mixed media to create exciting, experimental compositions and strays away from the monotony of your typical store-bought sketchbook. 




  1. Spooky drawings ... but not as spooky as the word 'binded' - surely it should've been bound -as in spiral bound- leather bound etc. Apart from that, love this site. Though I've not been very active, the notebooks are fascinating. Mine are here Merry Xmas!

  2. @Rowland Great catch, Rowland! You should consider uploading some of your work to the participate section of the site!

  3. Yes - I will up load some work - my notebooks are more like journals- drawings as well as WIP notes, tickets, cuttings etc. Hope you didn't mind my 'observation' on 'minded' - I feel I have to comment on those things - yes I am a 'grammar fascist ' Have a great Xmas!

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