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Member Spotlight: Rolf Schroeter

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Member Spotlight: Rolf Schroeter | Doodlers Anonymous

Rolf Schroeter is a member of the DA community, who also happens to be an urban-sketching pro! His submissions to the Participate section left me wanting more, which led me to his Instagram where I found myself scrolling until my hands were sore. I always envied artists who could conquer the dexterous task of sitting down in a public place and drawing people because it's sometimes hard to go with the flow when your surroundings are constantly in motion. I really admire the fluidity of Rolfs' drawings and their transparent appearance. The way he lays down the lines and color on the page makes it clear that he's mastered the skill of "seeing the bigger picture" rather than getting caught up in perfection of miniscule details. 



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