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Hand Lettering On Strange Objects

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Hand Lettering On Strange Objects | Doodlers Anonymous

Rob Draper is an artist and designer based in the UK that is especially amazing when it comes to hand-lettered typography. Forget boring old paper though, Rob takes "one mans' trash is another mans' treasure" to a whole new level. He turns coffee cups, napkins, food, plates, popsicle sticks, and even toilet paper into a works of art. I'm a huge fan of cute, simple, delicately-done calligraphy, but Rob's work is extremely detailed. The fact that he can flawlessly pull off those in-depth compositions on objects, on the spot, blows my mind. Never again will I cease to create because of the lame excuse that my sketchbook is filled to the brim.

We've only scratched the surface on what unusual objects Rob can completely transform, so be sure to check out his Instagram to make your jaw drop daily. If you want to see even more 'outside of the box' doodles like these, check out our new gallery that just launched, titled "Doodles on Objects" where members can upload and browse the artwork of fellow doodle addicts!

Doodles on Coffee Cups

Doodles on Eggs

Doodles on Toilet Paper

Doodles on Plates

Doodles on Boxes

Doodles on Pencil Shavings

Doodles on Bagels

Doodles on Pies

Doodles on Beans

Doodles on Coffee Cups


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